Why your phone’s wide-angle camera keeps taking bad photos

Smartphones increasingly have more and better cameras. However, many users are quickly disappointed when their new terminal of more than a thousand euros ends up taking photos with almost the same quality as their previous model. Although there are exceptions, this occurs very frequently with the wide angle lens. Why are photos so bad with this camera? Let’s get a little doubt.

Why do I take such bad photos with the wide angle of my mobile?

It is not the lens. Are you

And no, we are not underestimating your skills as a photographer. Using a wide angle lens is not easy. It is much easier to take a good photo with a normal or zoom lens than with an ultra-wide or wide-angle lens.

Mainly, the angle has a perspective which is far from our human vision, adding much distortion. If no one applies lens correction or the deformation is not taken into account when taking the photo, we will have very rare results. Use this lens only for photos of landscapes or architecture. If you use it to take a group photo, the edges will be highly distorted, although you can use this lens for portraits if you are looking for a creative way to use it.

Second, composing with a wide-angle lens is a somewhat more tedious task, especially for inexperienced people. Hence, you are hardly ever convinced by the results you get with this lens.

Photos at night … in moderation

tripod night photo smartphone

It does not matter if your mobile has night mode. The ultra-angular objectives that we have on our mobiles are very dimly lit if we compare them with the main lens. And they do not usually mount a sensor as good as in the other lens. Unless you have a little tripod and use the manual exposure, it is best not to use this lens if there is no light. The chances of the photo being blurred are very high.

Use distortion to your advantage

wide angle distortion

Get down and take a shot contrapicado of a building so that the distortion of the lens contributes to your photography, instead of detracting from its quality. If you take a photo of something from above, do just the opposite, making the lens defects play a favorable role in your photos.

Keep it simple: place your subjects in the center

angular subject centered

Although decentration of the subject is always a plus in many photographs, it is not so advisable to do this with an ultra wide angle lens, since our subject will be affected by the distortion optics.

Take your time

ultra angular composition

The ultra wide angle lens of our phone is designed to be used in very few situations. Once we have internalized that, using it will be somewhat easier.

Instead of pulling your smartphone out of your pocket and shooting like crazy, take your time. Uses only this camera for nature, landscape and architecture photos. And reason each photo a little. Look for some element to fill in the frame, like a puddle to make a reflection, or a plant to place in a corner and that is the element that takes the distortion instead of our main subject.

In the end, whether the photo is good or not is a matter of making a Good composition. You can take advantage of a window to make a frame, place the camera vertically or horizontally depending on whether the subject we are photographing is tall or wide, or simply take advantage of the depth effect that angles make to compose with the technique of vanishing Point.

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