Wi-Fi PLC: What is it, what is it for and differences with a WiFi repeater

You will be able to use these devices to connect by cable or wirelessly. However, the ideal is that you have PLC Wi-Fi, since this will allow you to connect many devices wirelessly, no need to use wires. This way you will cover more and you will be able to improve the connection in all the devices.

Use of PLC devices in wired house

When to use these devices

After explaining what Wi-Fi PLCs are and how they work, we are going to talk about under what circumstances should they be used. These devices are ideal for improving wireless coverage, but especially on certain occasions it becomes even more recommended and it is very good to have devices like this.

Take the connection to another room far away

If you need take the internet connection to another area of the house that is far from the router, without a doubt the Wi-Fi PLCs are an ideal option. Although there is a loss of speed and quality of the signal the greater the distance, they will have a much lower loss than other devices such as Wi-Fi repeaters.

Therefore, if, for example, you have a television in a room and the signal from the router is very weak or nothing arrives directly, you can install PLC Wi-Fi devices and be able to connect that device or any other to the wireless network created by the PLC. Even if you do not have the same speed as if you connected to the router, you will undoubtedly see how the quality improves significantly.

You can also take this into account when you need Internet on another floor. The wireless network will be very weak, but thanks to this type of device you will be able to maintain the connection without major problems.

You want the most stable connection possible

Another reason to use PLC Wi-Fi is to be able to achieve the most stable Internet connection possible. For example, to be able to play with a game console, play streaming videos or simply work with the computer from another place where the wireless signal does not reach well and cuts appear continuously.

These types of devices usually work very well and offer a fairly stable connection as long as the conditions are right. It must be taken into account that certain factors can affect it, such as the poor condition of the electrical wiring, connecting them to a power strip or simply that the PLCs that we are using are not of quality.

You are going to connect several devices in a zone

It is also interesting for connect multiple computers in one place. For example, if you have the router in a corner of the house but you are going to connect the television, computer and any other device from the other end, a good idea is to use PLC Wi-Fi and take the signal to that area.

With this you will achieve a wireless access point to which you can connect many devices without the need for the router coverage to arrive correctly. A very interesting option to end a dead zone, which is what a point where the signal does not reach or is very weak is known.

IoT devices are a security problem

You have devices with poor signal

One more reason to use wireless PLC devices is to be able to connect other devices to Wi-Fi that may have a very limited antenna and therefore do not have a good signal. Perhaps if you are in a room and connect a computer to the router with a good Wi-Fi network card, you can have a connection, but in the same place a tablet or a television cannot.

Therefore, what you achieve with PLCs is to be able to bring the strongest signal to a location and be able to connect there regardless of whether or not that device has sufficient capacity to access the wireless network.

Differences with wireless repeaters

But, doesn’t a Wi-Fi PLC perform the same function as a Wi-Fi repeater? The truth is that in part yes, but it is not the same as you have seen. In fact, there very marked differences that will provide certain advantages, but also disadvantages. We are going to see which are the main ones and, in case you have doubts, you can choose what to buy.


The main difference between a Wi-Fi PLC and a wireless repeater is the maximum range. In this case, the PLCs clearly win. You will be able to take the connection to a greater distance thanks to the electrical wiring. Of course, they are not going to work miracles and logically at a greater distance, more coverage and stability problems will appear.

However, a Wi-Fi repeater in this sense is more limited. You will inevitably lose capacity along the way. Although it is capable of amplifying the signal you receive in a specific area, you will never achieve maximum speed and you will always have certain stability problems.


Precisely stability is another important difference between PLCs and repeaters. In both cases you will be able to connect wirelessly from other places in the house, but you will not always have stability and it is common for small cuts or errors to appear when browsing.

Although in both cases you may have problems depending on the circumstances, clearly with Wi-Fi PLCs, as long as they are devices in good condition and of quality, you will have fewer bugs in this way. You will be able to browse the Internet, download files or play streaming videos with less loss.


The price is another section where we are going to find differences. There’s a very wide range in both cases, but if we think as a whole there is a considerable distance. PLC devices are more expensive than Wi-Fi repeaters. But, as we say, you will find options of all kinds.

You can find dual-band Wi-Fi PLC devices, with guarantees and quality, from approximately €100. You will have to analyze if, for example, you want them to have Ethernet ports, an integrated power connector, etc. On the other hand, you can find a dual-band Wi-Fi repeater that offers speeds of at least 1200 Mbps, starting at €50, more or less.

number of devices

The fact that there are differences in the number of devices also means that there are differences in price. The PLC devices they will have at least two devices. One of them is connected to the router and to electricity, while the other is going to be plugged into another socket in the house. You can even connect some more.

A Wi-Fi repeater, on the other hand, is just a device. In this sense, it will mean saving space and not having to spend two electrical outlets. Even more, you must take this into account since if you connect the PLCs to a power strip, the quality decreases a lot and it is not a good idea.

In short, as you have seen, using Wi-Fi PLC devices is something very interesting. They work through the power line and aim to have a better wireless connection in the home. There are marked differences with wireless repeaters, as well as positive and negative points.

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