Wi-Fi was getting worse and worse in Windows, but with this program I solved it

The wireless or Wi-Fi connectivity that most of us have at home does not always work as well as we would like. This is something that can negatively affect our daily use of the Internet, whether we are visiting news pages, making video conferences or playing games, for example.

It is true that we can always use an ethernet cable that we connect from the corresponding router to the computer so that we can connect to the internet more reliably and quickly. But in this case, we do not need to talk about the disadvantages that this offers us with respect to a wireless connection. In addition, on many occasions we connect several computers via Wi-Fi to the same router in order to share bandwidth.

Whatever the reason for this, in the event that this connection begins to give us problems, the truth is that in most cases we are faced with an unpleasant situation. The reasons for all this can be very varied, so the best option we have is to use an application that helps us. This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about next in the form of a program that will be extremely useful to you.

Specifically, we refer to a totally free program and from which you can benefit without spending a single euro. This will serve as a reference point when correcting possible problems we have with our Wi-Fi. Specifically, we are referring to the software solution called WifiDiagnosticView that we can download from its official website.

How WifiDiagnosticView helps me with Wi-Fi

We have already told you before that in this case we are faced with a very useful free program if we have problems with our wireless connectivity. In addition, it hardly consumes any system resources and can be considered as a light app with which we will not have execution problems. Of course, let’s not be fooled by its initial appearance, since its functionality and usefulness are beyond any doubt. In fact, its developer is Nirsofta firm that for years has offered us a multitude of more than reliable software solutions.

If we focus on this software that we are commenting on, the truth is that the most remarkable thing about it is the enormous amount of information that it provides us about our Wi-Fi. It is worth mentioning that it is compatible with most versions of Windows, including the most recent. Once we put it into operation we find a simple user interface that, yes, we will have to interpret. Thanks to all the data provided we will be able to take the pertinent measures to improve our wireless connectivity.

It must be said that we don’t even need to install it to benefit from the functions it offers us. And it is a program portable which starts working as soon as you run it in the operating system. Actually, its operation is focused on providing us with a record of wireless connectivity events in real time. Here we are going to find a multitude of data and events that we must evaluate in order to solve problems with WiFi. Among these we can highlight signal quality or disconnections that occur.

In addition, next to each entry appears the exact moment in which it occurred, including the errors that are marked in red so that we can see them clearly. This way we can take the appropriate measures to improve this wireless connectivity.

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