WiFi cuts this winter, Tesla sells its Bitcoin, this is the recap

The government is asking the French to turn off their WiFi router next winter, women are shying away from electric scooters more than men, Tesla is selling almost all its Bitcoins to bail out the coffers… Welcome to the recap of the day before!

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We asked ourselves several existential questions in the news yesterday. Why does the government want the French to turn off their WiFi for next winter? Why are women less fond of electric scooters? Why did Tesla suddenly decide to resell almost all of its Bitcoins? So many questions to which we have of course provided you with an answer.

Are we going to have to do without the Internet this winter?

Still in the context of its “energy sobriety plan” which is definitely making a lot of noise, the French government has raised the idea of ​​cutting WiFi to reduce the country’s energy consumption. This measure would thus be part of a set of “little everyday gestures” like turning down the air conditioning. Rest assured, however: this will not be mandatory.

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Why women like electric scooters less

This is what a study by the manufacturer Dott confirms, which only has 29% of users against 71% of men. So the question is: why? According to the main people concerned, the main reason is the lack of security and infrastructure in the cities, in particular dedicated lanes. They nevertheless assure that this mode of transport is of course at night than walking or the bus.

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Tesla sells 75% of its Bitcoins

Tesla needs money and it’s starting to be seriously felt. By justifying the operation by the end of confinement in China, the car manufacturer sold three-quarters of its reserves in Bitcoin, even though it had assured never wanting to part with it a few months ago. An operation which still allowed him to touch 936 million dollars, but which had the effect of plunging the cryptocurrency again.

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