6 Most Important WiFi Router Settings

Here we discuss some of the most important WiFi router settings that help users to troubleshoot and manage the router effectively.

Is there a router connection even in your home? Do you also use the WiFi router? So, in such a situation, you will definitely know what a router is? But there are some emergency buttons in the router, or there are important router settings that you must know about.

1# WPS Button

The first router settings are the WPS button. Only a few people know about it. Do many people think that for what purpose this button is given? That’s why I tell you about it. Its full name is a WiFi Protected Setup and with this help, you can connect WiFi to any device without the password.

WPS Button
WPS Button

As if to say that your neighbor has come to your house to connect your wifi. But you don’t want him to know the password of the WiFi, then you can connect his device with the help of this button. If you want to know how to connect WiFi with any device through the WPS button then you can read here.

2# LAN port and WAN port

These are very important for router settings. A lot of people stay confused when they get their first set of wifi in the house. Because these are both the same and when there is a turn of the cable, they are confused that the cable should be set in which port?

Know LAN WAN port
LAN and WAN ports

So let me tell you that you do not need to be more confused about it and it is very easy. First of all, I tell you the full name of the WAN. Its full name is Wide Area Network and this port is meant to connect to your computer from which you want to run your Internet.

The full name of LAN is a Large Area Network and its work is done when you want to run the Internet in another computer with the help of any other cable that cable is used in the LAN port.

This means that if you just want to run the Internet on your own computer then you should use the WAN port. And if you want to run the Internet in more than one laptop or computer with the help of the same router, you should use the LAN port from any other cable.

Wifi Router Reset Button
Reset Router

3# Reset Button

You must have seen the reset button in the WiFi router. The reset button will reset the settings of your WiFi settings as before. Like if you have set a password for Wifi or you have given your WiFi name, it will reset everything and again it will be like a new router device. Therefore, the reset button is a very important button.

4# Router Password and Router Name

When you put a new router in your house then you do not have the idea of how you set the router’s password and its name. It is very important to change the password and change its password at the regular time. It is very easy to change the router’s password and its name.

Router Password Name Settings
Router Password Name Settings

So if you want to know how to change the router’s password and its name then it’s very easy. Just you have to type and search your router IP address in the browser. After that, you will get the interface of your router there. On that interface, you can easily change your router name and password. If you want to read the details tutorial about how you can change router password and name then read this post.

5# Admin Password Set

In the router settings, the setting of the Admin Password is extremely important. Because, if you did not set this then maybe your wifi can be hacked by someone and they can change all things inside your router. Many people don’t set the administrator password on their router’s webpage, due to which they have to suffer a lot of problems.

Like if your neighbor is connected to your wifi. Now they can make changes in your router with the help of your WiFi IP address. So if you already set up a password on your router webpage, then no one will be able to open your router’s webpage without the password.

6# Bandwidth Control

This is also very important router settings when you share your router password with someone. Because this setting controls your Data usage of the router. With this help, you can set up bandwidth for different users who are connected to your WiFi. After that, the user can use your WiFi internet as much as you have set up the data usage for it.

Wifi Router Bandwidth Control
Router Bandwidth Control

For example, if someone is connected to your WiFi, then you can set specific data for that user. After that, if he used all the data provided by then he would not be able to use your WiFi internet further.

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