Wikipedia begins accepting donations through Apple Pay

Wikipedia has become a reference website for billions of people around the world. The Wikipedia Foundation, the company behind Wikipedia and other similar websites, is a non-profit organization where we find a large number of articles created and maintained by users altruistically.

On a recurring basis, it invites users to collaborate with the maintenance of this gigantic project from which many companies, such as Apple, obtain information for free, without collaborating financially, something that will change in the coming months when this foundation presents its payment plan for companies.

Apple Pay Wikipedia

Source: @nikolajht

In the meantime, if you want to make a donation to this platform, you can now do it through Apple Pay, the new payment method already available on this website and that is added to PayPal and the classic credit cards VISA, AMEX, MasterCard …

In the message inviting us to make a donation, the company states that:

We are a nonprofit organization that relies on donations to stay online and thrive, but 98% of our readers don’t just look the other way.

If everyone who reads Wikipedia gave just a little bit, we could keep Wikipedia thriving for years to come. The price of a cup of coffee is all we ask for.

New ways of financing

For years, Wikipedia limited donations to bank transfers or payments processed through credit card providers and PayPal, but the entity is expanding support to include other platforms including Amazon Pay available only in the United States and with cryptocurrencies.

At the moment the possibility of making donations on Wikipedia in Spanish is not available. It seems that at the moment vwe will have to wait a few days until you enable this new payment method.

If you regularly use Wikipedia, you can make a donation through this link, where you can also They explain what they do with the donation money.

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