Wildwood: Laika’s new film announced

Laika, or the studio that gave birth to Coraline and the Magic Door and, more recently, a Mister Link, announced that his next stop-motion animated film will be called Wildwood.

The film is based on a saga of novels written by Colin Meloy, singer and composer of the The Decemberists and illustrated by the artist Carson Ellis. A saga that you can recover in Italian TO THIS ADDRESS.

Laika announces Wildwood, the new stop motion film from the creators of Coraline and the magic door

Travis Knight, President and CEO of the animation studio, said: “As a native child of Oregon, I have rainwater, beer and fair trade coffee running through my veins. With Wildwood, I have the opportunity to tell an insanely ambitious story of magic, wonder and danger, set in the place where I grew up. My own Portland will join that pantheon of unforgettable fantasy realms, with a thrilling epic that will ignite the imagination, lift spirits and break hearts. Colin and Carson’s novel is a lyrical work of art. The entire Laika family is fully committed to honoring him with a breathtaking and hauntingly beautiful film. I can’t wait to share it with the world. Even if we’re doing it in stop-motion, so, you know, it has to be done. “

In history, “There are places in the world where people never go to live. Maybe it’s too cold, or there are too many trees, or the mountains are too steep. But whatever the reason, no one has ever thought of building a road, and without roads there are no houses, and without houses there are no cities. And right near where Prue McKeel lives is such a place, represented on maps by a large green patch on the far outskirts of the city. Everyone calls it ‘Impenetrable Rift’ and no one has ever tried to enter it. Or rather, no one has ever come back to tell it… But when a flock of crows kidnaps Mac, her little brother, Prue doesn’t have a moment of hesitation, and follows him intrepidly in those unknown lands. Thus begins an adventure that will lead Prue into the heart of a wild and forgotten Wood, which actually hides a secret world in great turmoil, inhabited by magical creatures. What appeared to be a rescue mission therefore turns into an epic battle to free this wonderful enchanted land. “

Director of photography Caleb Deschanel will shoot the film. The creative team also includes producer Arianne Sutner and screenwriter Chris Butler, both Golden Globe winners for their work with Mister Link.

It sounds like a great story for a great new Laika movie, and we can’t wait to sit down (maybe in a cinema chair) to see it.

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The secrets of the forbidden forest. Wildwood

€ 11.40

€ 12.00

13 new from 11,40 €

to September 16, 2021 9:35 am

In the depths of the forbidden forest. Wildwood
In the depths of the forbidden forest.  Wildwood

€ 15.96

€ 16.80

11 new from 15,96 €

6 used from 12,50 €

to September 16, 2021 9:35 am

Imperium.  Wildwood

€ 17.95

€ 18.90

12 new from 17,95 €

2 used by 15,00 €

to September 16, 2021 9:35 am

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