Will Apple delay the launch of the iPhone 14?

Possible presentation dates

The end of summer is always a moment of melancholy and sadness for the vast majority of people. However, for all those technology lovers and, above all, Apple fans, this sadness is less, since the arrival of September is always, or almost always, synonymous with new iPhones, which is what Apple presents in each and every one of the events held in this month over the years, although as we will see later, lately there have been some exceptions.

However, in this 2022 it does not seem that the Cupertino company is going to modify that usual route time and therefore, we will not have to suffer any delay in the presentation or sale of these devices, so luckily, soon In more than 1 month we will be about to really know what each and every one of the iPhone 14 models that the Cupertino company has prepared for us will be like.

The usual thing within Apple is that the event is “held” on a Tuesday, and we put the word celebrate in quotes, because everything seems to indicate that it will once again be a recorded event that the Cupertino company will broadcast on that date, in fact Mark Gurman has already announced that the recording of it is taking place in the Apple Park, which will be the place where this keynote will be held.

Considering that Apple never chooses the first week of September for it, the most predictable thing is that on Tuesday, September 13 we will have the event of presentation of the iPhone 14. If so, that same Friday, September 16, the reservations of the different models would be opened, and will go on sale on Friday 23. Now, it is also quite likely that the presentation will finally take place on Tuesday, September 20, with reservations on Friday 23 and the launch of all models on Friday, September 30.


In fact, if we look back, we can see how the second week of September is usually the favorite of the Cupertino company to carry out this event. The iPhone 13 was presented on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the iPhone 12due to the pandemic situation, was presented on October 13, 2020, but the previous ones were all in the second week, the iPhone 11 on the 10th, the iPhone XS the 12th, the iPhone X also on September 12. Therefore, although obviously there is still nothing official, and until the chosen date is approaching, Apple will not send the invitations or make the announcement of it, most likely in that second week of September, that is, the On the 13th, we can enjoy one of the most anticipated events of the year.

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