Will Apple Fitness + be launched soon in Spain and other countries?

The possible reason that it is only for a few countries

Yes, it is true that it is possible to have Apple Fitness + in Spain and other countries by creating an American Apple ID and changing the region of the iPhone (valid also with other countries of those available). It is possible sometimes even without having a native payment method of the North American country. Now, officially it is a service that has not yet been extended to our country or to many others around the world. And it is not the only one, since neither does the Apple Card, but in the end that is a totally different issue also derived from legal aspects.

The main reason we could think of is that Apple Fitness +, which features video-guided workouts, just be in english. It doesn’t even have subtitles in other languages. And while it is true that it would be at least rare to launch a full service in English in a Spanish-speaking country, in the end we don’t think it costs too much to integrate subtitles or even dubbing. More if we take into account that Apple is not exactly a company with limited economic resources.

However, and since there is no official explanation for this exclusivity, we cannot think of other reasons beyond the language. Nor the conspiracy theories that Apple hates the world as some say can be an objective reason and less if we take into account that the company is the first interested in positioning itself in their respective markets worldwide. See but other services such as Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade or iCloud.

Could the expansion be announced this fall?

We insist again on emphasizing that everything discussed here is still an analysis based on the own experience and knowledge of this writing, since Apple is officially silent on these issues. And while it is true that there are no clear indications that Apple Fitness + will arrive in Spain and other countries in the coming months, it is not unreasonable either.

The company is expected to host at least two events this fall. The first of them would be this same month of September to present the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and who knows if any more surprises. Would it be very strange for the company to announce there that Apple Fitness + is coming to more countries soon? The company always leaves a pearl of its services in each event and after having seen important announcements of Apple Music, Apple TV + or Apple Arcade, it could be the sports platform’s turn.

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