Will Death Stranding be Epic Games’ Christmas present?

Those who read me regularly already know that Death Stranding seems like a gem to me, one of the best games that have been made in recent years and one more example of the genius of Hideo Kojima. And no, I do not deny that in addition to being a genius, he is also a most bizarre, eccentric person or however you want to define it, but that does not mean that, over the years, he has known how to make history in the world of videogames and that, to this day, keep doing it.

It is true that when Death Stranding was released, memes circulated on social networks as if there was no tomorrow. Among them, the one that became most popular was calling it “Glovo Simulator”, in reference to the popular home delivery company, since one of the fundamental mechanics of the game consists, precisely, of picking up shipments and taking them to their recipients. Of course, we have also seen this same mechanic in other contexts, but it is true that this seems the closest approximation to being an autonomous dealer. Fortunately, in the game no one leaves you a note on your door asking you to take the garbage bag down into the container while you’re there, yet another example that reality is always stranger than fiction.

Another controversy that has accompanied Death Stranding since its launch is the one that points to the fact that it is more of a movie than a game, something that fits perfectly with Hideo Kojima’s historic aspiration to make the leap into the world of cinema, and that we have recently learned that finally it will materialize. The question, of course, is where he is going to find time, since he is simultaneously already working on both OVERSOSE, his joint project with Microsoft for Xbox Cloud (and which could have been from Google Stadia), as well as the recently announced Death Stranding 2.

Be that as it may, Death Stranding is a game, an experience, worth experiencing. The result may be tremendously satisfying, insurmountably disappointing, or more likely somewhere in between. Of course, though, who spends money on a game without knowing if they’re going to like it? (says the one that was made with Cyberpunk 2077 in pre-purchase)? In this case, there is no problem, since the rumor has spread throughout the morning, accompanied by some image, that Death Stranding will be Epic Games’ gift game for Christmas Day.

Will Death Stranding be Epic Games' Christmas present?

You already know that, during these weeks, Epic Games is giving away a game every 24 hours, and that at the time of publication of this news, and until 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) you can get with Metro Last Light Redux. What the rumors say is that its successor, during the next 24 hours, will be the most recent title by Hideo Kojima, although it is not clear if it is the base version, which arrived on PC at the beginning of 20202, or the version from the director, much more recent on PC, since he made this leap at the beginning of this year. However, taking into account precedents such as Control, it is most likely that the 2020 version will be given away and the 2022 version will be offered at a special price.

Be that as it may, and although we will have to wait until 5:00 p.m. to confirm (or not) that Epic Games is giving away Death Stranding (this reminds me a lot of when the rumor spread that the Fortnite creators’ store was going to give away GTA V, something that was finally confirmed), my recommendation, especially if you have not tried it yet, is that you stay tuned to the Epic store and, in case it is confirmed, that you get it and experience it. As I said before, you may like it, it may scare you, and it is likely any other option in between. Although I already have the Director’s Cut (and the original, of course) on Steam, I don’t rule out getting this other version as well.

And if that is your case, if it is confirmed that Death Stranding is Epic Games’ Christmas present, you download it and try it for the first time, I would love to hear your opinion after that first contact with the game. But also if you tried it at the time, if you have dedicated more hours than you would like to confess, or if you refuse to try it for whatever reason, I would like to know your opinion and/or your reasons, I’ll wait for you in the comments .

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