will have an Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft

These are difficult times for Netflix, which has had a few quarters of waves due to subscriber figures that do not seem to be very aligned with what investors expected. That has led to they have had to reorganize premieres and cancel productions that are not very followed… although all this does not seem to affect one leg that the platform is determined to continue exploring: video games.

Netflix video games.

games in the apps streaming official

The thing is that for a few months now the official Netflix application on both iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices has a section of its own where a series of video games appear that we can download and that offer a global feature: they don’t cost a single penny and we don’t have to pay anything to access all their functions. And there are really interesting titles like the adaptations of stranger things or that viral phenomenon that is Exploding Kittens.

Well, when there were more rumors and speculations about the possibility that Netflix would decline in its efforts to support these video games from its official application, comes the announcement from Ubisoft that, among the many Assassin’s Creed who prepares, there one of them that will be exclusive to the streaming application. And, furthermore, that we should not fear a cut in the gaming experience of the franchise.

Indeed, from Assassin’s Creed that will arrive in the Netflix games section and whose official title, release date or name of the protagonist is unknown, we only know that it will be an “ad-free, no-purchase” game so it will follow the line of everything that has come to the platform in recent times. Nobody will be tempted to turn it into a source of additional income.

Ubisoft releases for Netflix.

More plans on the horizon

In addition to that game based on the franchise Assassin’s Creed, Netflix has announced that we will also be able to see on its platform a series of live action (that is, with live action actors) based on the universe of video games and to which two other releases closely linked to Ubisoft will be added, such as Valiant Hearts Y Mighty Quest.

You could confuse the first of them with a title published in 2014 by Ubisoft Montpellier that commemorated the centenary of the beginning of the First World War and that reproduced the letters of some soldiers with their families during the war in a format that combined the graphic story with the videogame. An exciting title now it returns with a different development and a completely revamped story that will return us to those battlefields of more than a century ago.

mighty questmeanwhile, will be a roguelike one of those that have become so fashionable today and that returns glory to one of the names that have most marked the history of the French over the last four decades.

So, as we have seen, it seems that the Netflix service relies on video games. Now all that remains is for that momentum not to wane and what is planned finally reaches our smartphones and tablets.

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