Will Leonardo DiCaprio be part of The Squid Game?

The Squid Game It was, without a doubt, one of the revelation series of 2021 on Netflix, starring in an irruption that has already made it an icon of popular culture. As was the case previously The Money Heist, the masks of those imperturbable guards transcended beyond the screens themselves to become real around us even in celebrations like Halloween. So any news that occurs related to it is always news.

Leonardo DiCaprio doing series?

If it is strange to see these two names linked, it is not so much because it is not possible for it not to happen, but because the American actor has not been lavished too much in productions that later end up exclusively on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, etc., since it is one of those that prefers to stay within the field of cinema and films destined for theaters.

So much so that the only series credits in which Leonardo DiCaprio appears recently he does it as executive produceras is the case with The Luminous, The Devil in the White City, chosen for glory, Grant either The Titans who forged America. Outside of that, when we want to find some credit as the protagonist of an episodic fiction, we find that he has not done anything recently since problems grow in 1991.

So see it on The Squid Game It is something that we could consider as improbable… although there is someone who does maintain the hope that this is the case. His name is Hwang Dong-hyuk, he is the creator of Netflix original fiction and he has thrown the bait to see if Di Caprio bites him and responds.

the squid game

A wish more than a reality

It has been during a press conference offered in South Korea where Hwang Dong-hyuk has spoken on the subject regarding a question from the media in which they asked him if in season two of The Squid Game we could get to see Hollywood actors. The answer was clear: “There will be no well-known Hollywood actor in the second season… as it is still set in Korea.”

But of course, Leonardo DiCaprio’s declared admiration for the series came to light at that time, of which he considers himself a fan, to which the showrunner and creator of the fiction replied that “perhaps, if time and opportunities allow it, we can ask [a Leo] to join The games”.

What is certain is that in case that happens, it will not be for the second season that Netflix is ​​preparing and that if nothing goes wrong will be released in 2024, three years after its appearance on the streaming platform with a series of characteristics very similar to the original and that we very much doubt that anyone in their right mind will change. And it is that putting, suddenly, faces as well known as those of Leonardo DiCaprio would be something strange, that would take us completely out of the setting that made the Netflix production famous. Don’t you think?

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