Will PCs become more aesthetically beautiful thanks to AI?

Image generators based on keywords have become very popular lately and we know that many of you have tried to prove that show us complete setups that would be impossible to imagine. However, the union between AI and PC boxes goes beyond impossible products hallucinated through a deep learning algorithm and may be the solution to a certain aesthetic impasse. Is the future of PC cases being designed by AI?

When designing a chip, one of the key tasks is what we call Floor Planning, which consists of the distribution of the different elements within it. A puzzle that in human work can involve thousands of hours of work and that has recently been automated thanks to AI. Well, this concept can be carried out not only in order to design PC cases, but entire computers with designs that are aesthetically unique and functional at the same time.

AI to Design Aesthetically Beautiful Cases and PCs?

We must clarify that we are not fans of pre-built computers with unique designs, since these tend to have deficiencies in important elements such as the cooling system, the power supply and the ability to expand the components. However, we cannot deny that there have been unique designs of great beauty that have allowed manufacturers to sell computers.

The good thing about artificial intelligences when it comes to design is that although they are incapable of creating something functional and sometimes that can even be manufactured, they can be trained to learn certain basic design concepts or rather rules that can be applied. Thus, through the years they will be able to make increasingly viable designs that will require supervision from different engineers.

The concept is not to make boxes or complete computers made 100% by an AI, but to use that capacity as additional brainstorming and iterate until get a design that is aesthetically pleasing, that attracts attention and is functional. All this in a much shorter period of time for the design of new products.

AI Designed PC Cases

Better Designed Motherboards and Graphics Cards

Another advantage will be with regard to the design of future motherboards, that is, in order to choose the distribution of the different components in it for greater efficiency and performance in the different sections. If you have observed the different models, you will see that they are not all the same in terms of the location of the different components of the same.

The idea is simple, if an AI can decide the best distribution of components on a chip or make the plan of a house in the most efficient way possible. Then the same concept can be applied to the design not only of motherboards, but also to the distribution of expansion cards such as graphics cards, for example. Will we finally see a greater variety in terms of designs or, instead, the effects of the AI ​​will be at least insignificant and things will continue as they have been in this regard?

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