will the bill be higher in 2022?

In the US, Amazon Prime Video is getting more expensive. A first in the history of the platform and which could also land in France.

It’s not good to be addicted to series in 2022. A few months after Netflix’s price increase, it’s Amazon Prime Video’s turn to review its formula. During the presentation of its financial results for the last quarter, the firm announced that its subscription would go from $12.99 to $14.99 in the United States. Over the year, users will thus have to pay 139 dollars instead of the 119 currently required, i.e. 16% increase. It will take effect from next march 25 across the Atlantic.

The firm explains to Endgadget: “With the continued expansion of Primes member benefits as well as rising salaries and transportation costs, Amazon will increase the price of subscriptions in the United States.” This is undoubtedly a way for Amazon to financially ensure the development of its offer, in the SVOD sector in particular. It must be said that the platform invests massively in local production, as in France. This month, an original production must also land.

A first

In 2005, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon Prime, a subscription formula that allows you to benefit from free delivery within 24 hours on American soil. 3 years later, it arrives in France and promises the same advantages to users in France. A subscription that will take on its full interest in 2016 with the launch of the e-commerce giant’s SVOD platform.

For 49 euros per yearand 5.99 euros per year, subscribers to the service can benefit from a wide selection of films and series as well as free delivery for many items. Other services will be gradually added, such as the possibility of accessing exclusive content on Twitch and Prime Gaming. Despite everything, the price remains unchanged to the delight of some 7 million French users.

Not yet in France

For the time being, Amazon has only communicated on its American offer. It is therefore not known whether France, or other countries, will be concerned in the future. We can nevertheless expect the firm to align itself with the competition. Especially since the latter are already regularly increasing their prices.

As a reminder, the entry-level subscription of netflix is proposed 8.99 euros per month (1 device and no HD). It’s the same price as Disney+, which nevertheless offers 4K and Dolby Atmos at no extra cost. AppleTV+ wins the prize for the cheapest service, with only 4.99 euros per month.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for 49 euros per year

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