Will the cloud replace local storage?

Right now we live in a time of many changes, the most prominent one surely being the transition to an increasingly digital world. Our way of working has changed a lot in recent years. In this regard, remote work and cloud storage are very popular. This provides us with greater mobility, it also allows us to work from home and view our files from anywhere. One fact is true, every time we store and have more things in the cloud, but some unknowns arise. Will the cloud replace physical cards?

Storage on local media

The way we store and transport our data has been changing and evolving over time. We have used various means that, over time, have been replaced by others of greater capacity and speed. One of those that were used many years ago were the 3.5-inch and 5.1 / 4-inch floppy disks. A few MB of information could be stored in them. Then came CDs and DVDs in which much more information could already be stored. For example, in the latter we could store several GB of data.

We currently use external storage systems such as an external hard drive or a pendrive. All of them offer us a much greater capacity, ease of use when erasing and saving our data, more comfortable transport and good reliability and durability. Also other local storage systems are micro SD cards.

This type of memory cards can be found in our smartphones, tablets and more, with capacities up to 1TB or 2TB. The great advantage of use of a physical card is that the information it will be solely in our hands. Currently there are doubts about whether the cloud will replace physical cards, will it be the next step? We also have an intermediate option, which could be to convert a computer into a private cloud, in that case the data would also remain in our possession, you will enjoy the advantage of the cloud and you would have access to your physical media.

Cloud storage increasingly on the rise

The cloud storage it has more and more impact on our lives. There is no doubt that it is an upward trend and that on some occasions it may be the most convenient. In that regard, we have cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox that can meet our expectations.

The easy access to files from anywhere has made this type of cloud storage services valued. In the free mode of these services we will be able to have several Gigabytes to store our files. To this we have to add the best mobile Internet connections thanks to 5G and fiber connections in our homes have also facilitated greater use.

That does not mean that if you save data in the cloud you take a series of precautions. To mention one of them would be to have a strong password that you have not used. That cloud storage also provides us with other positive things:

  • Saving space on our physical media.
  • The ability to easily share files.

Will the cloud replace physical cards?

On whether the cloud will replace physical cards, everything points to yes, at least in a good part. That does not want physical cards and other media such as hard drives to stop using them. A good part of the users will like to have certain confidential information under control and that is why both will continue to coexist. On the other hand, what will be unusual is that we carry pen drives and hard drives with us to share or review information.

The drawback that we are going to have with this type of public clouds is that the data will be in the hands of that company, and that if we want more space we have to pay for it. Finally, for these reasons some companies are opting for a hybrid cloud, which combines a small private cloud for their sensitive information with a public one.

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