Will the Cybertruck be available in 2022?

Tesla is still a brand whose communication is complicated to understand, the Cybertruck is surely the best example.

Announced with great fanfare more than two years ago, Tesla’s ultra-futuristic car: the Cybertruck is eagerly awaited. But impatience has been replaced by weariness, as the product still has no news from him, and Elon Musk’s Twitter ads have become increasingly rare on the subject.

The chances of seeing this exceptional car one day end up on the road, accessible to the general public, thus seem to melt like snow in the sun. The first heat stroke took place on October 15. Indeed, Tesla had just removed the vehicle from its website, leaving a gaping void in place of a product “to come”.

But since then, “phew” of relief for potential future customers, the car has made its comeback on one of the most extensive websites on the web. But there you have it, a few months later, a second heat stroke. This one seems less difficult to take, and you can almost say that we expected it. But Tesla has indeed just removed the “2022” entry from the product sheet for its car of the future. It will therefore be necessary to wait, at least twelve long months before being entitled to spend 40,000 € to acquire the Cybertruck.

No more dates, but a car still present

As the electric car information website Edmunds, which was the first to talk about this change, pointed out very well, the markings on the Cybertruck’s order page have evolved. Indeed, it was written that it was possible to “Complete its configuration as production approaches in 2022”. But the very end of this sentence has just been deleted by the manufacturer.

According to information circulating on the web on this subject, the change would have been made between the holidays, at the very end of the year. It is therefore possible that this is only a question of timing, and that Tesla intends to launch production of its electric pickup, but nothing is less certain.

Already full production lines

According to many experts, there are a lot of reasons that Tesla’s production is lagging behind so much. First of all, Tesla has never been comfortable with his schedule. The brand has been making all kinds of delays since its creation, and you sometimes have to wait years between the announcement of a product and its release. It is characteristic of the Elon Musk method, he does exactly the same thing with SpaceX and his Starship which he already sends to Mars even though the latter has never left the atmosphere.

The Cybertruck was announced in 2019, but it’s been radio silence ever since. But according to analysts, the real motive holding Tesla back is its production limits. Indeed, the brand is already at a tight flow when it comes to vehicle production and the Model 3 is breaking all records. It is therefore logical that the firm focuses on this popular model rather than a hypothetical electric pickup.

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