Will the iPhone 14 go up in price?

Have more or less news, it is clear that one of the great topics of conversation at the arrival of the new iPhone is its price. If we look at its evolution over these years, we see that, despite not being considered cheap, prices have stabilized in the higher ranges, finding both downward and upward changes in the standard models. Now, what will happen to the iPhone 14?

It should be noted that this point is one of the most complex to foresee because the leaks that arise during the year are not entirely accurate. In any case, until now there has been no information about it. However, based on the expected changes, we can make a hypothesis of what could happen to the entire series.

And it is that, we remember that up to four new devices are expected by the end of this year that, in the absence of officially confirming the names, would be iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max. Apple would remove the ‘mini’ from its standard range in favor of two sizes of 6.1 and 6.7 inches. Then I would keep the ‘Pro’ version with identical dimensions, but obvious changes that make them versions superior to the others. (Ultram)

In the high range there would be no rise

Based on what was said above, it would be rare for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max to rise in price. In recent years they have remained in the 1,159 and 1,259 euros respectively in their base capacities. Even in 2020, when it went from 64 to 128 GB, that price remained.

Neither 5G, nor 120 Hz refresh rate technology, nor any other feature caused it to increase. Therefore, even in the absence of knowing all the news, it would be very surprising if Apple raised the price of these smartphones.

renders iphone 14 series

Renders of the iPhone 14 of TheAppleHub

Yes they could change in the standard

For two years, Apple launched a single generation of the standard model of its iPhone accompanying the ‘Pro’. The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 were a stripped down version of these others, but with common features and lower prices. In fact, from one to the other, the price was even lowered from 859 euros for the ‘XR’ to 809 for the ’11’.

However, with the introduction of the ‘mini’, that price of 809 euros was reserved for them and both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 amounted to 909 euros. Therefore, this year there remains a great unknown regarding the separation of these models. It could be the case that this standard model goes back down to 809 euros inherited from the ‘mini’ and that the ‘Max’ size is 909 euros.

Another possibility that should not be ruled out is that the standard iPhone 14 remains at those 909 euros and the new ‘Max’ is the one that amounts to an amount close to 1,009 euros. And this is a figure that would shorten the distance between the standard models and the ‘Pro’, but if we take into account that the target of this device is located in those who want a large phone, but without reaching the amounts of the ‘Pro Max’ , the distance would still be important.

Therefore, by way of conclusion, the two hypotheses that are considered now are the following:

  • Option 1:
    • iPhone 14: 809 euros (it would drop 100 euros compared to ’13’).
    • iPhone 14 Max: 909 euros (200 euros more than the ’13 mini’ and the same amount as the ’13’).
    • iPhone 14 Pro: €1,159 (same amount as the ’13 Pro’).
    • iPhone 14 Pro Max: €1,259 (same amount as the ’13 Pro Max’).
  • Option 2:
    • iPhone 14: 909 euros (same amount as ’13’).
    • iPhone 14 Max: €1,009 (100 euros more than the ’13’ and 200 euros more than the ’13 mini’).
    • iPhone 14 Pro: €1,159 (same amount as the ’13 Pro’).
    • iPhone 14 Pro Max: €1,259 (same amount as the ’13 Pro Max’).

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