Will the new iPad Pro finally bring compatible Mac apps?

New design and reverse charging, is it true?

Mark Gurman, one of Apple’s highest hit rate analysts, last week pointed to several key characteristics that other gurus have also weighed in on. The first one is related to screen technology and is that the 11-inch model would bring miniLED. This is a feature that already debuted in the range of this 2021, but which remained exclusively the 12.9-inch model.

There is also bet on a design change That, although it is not expected as radical as that of 2018 when frames were reduced by eliminating the Home button, it could be significant. Precisely the cameras are the ones that could lead that change, being able to have larger lenses and located diagonally in the purest iPhone 13 style and without ceasing to integrate the LiDAR sensor. Probably the company would continue to focus this change on professionals looking for an all-in-one with the iPad Pro, being more than valid for video interviews and the like.

Another very striking feature that Gurman surprised with is the reverse charging that would allow charging AirPods by placing them on the back of the tablet. He did not comment on whether it would also allow charging an iPhone or another device, something that would be appreciated, but that would nevertheless imply a greater heating of the device.

MacOS apps finally for these iPad Pro?

The fact that the 2021 iPad Pro incorporated an M1 chip identical to that of the Mac made one dream of the possibility of seeing compatibility of macOS apps on iPadOS, as is already the case in reverse. But none of that came. It is foreseeable that the iPad Pro 2022 will incorporate an M1X or M2 chip that would again be shared with Macs, but there is no trace of information regarding this compatibility.

It is true that in the end it is the developers who must implement this multi-compatibility, but it would not be bad if Apple was the one that led the movement with apps like Final cut or Logic Pro. In fact, they would not have to wait a priori for the WWDC and the announcement of iPadOS 15. Although in the end, realistically, we must be pessimistic In this sense, because with current models this possibility could have been given and yet there are no indications that they have even considered it.

Final Cut on iPad

When will its launch be official?

Considering this is October and these new iPads are expected in 2022, it seems too rushed to give exact dates. A priori they would be designed to March or April, which are also the months reserved by Apple in recent times for its ‘Pro’ range of tablets. However, there could be changes due to supply problems that are hitting the entire tech sector. It still seems early to know, but it will be a factor to take into account, so we will continue to monitor it.

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