Will we be able to make payments between iPhone with Apple Pay?

Yesterday, Apple made an important announcement regarding iPhone-to-iPhone payments via Tap-to-Pay. Or what is the same, that two iPhones can make payments to each other through contactless in a similar way to how they are made with Apple Pay in a dataphone. However, this is a novelty that not all of us will enjoy.

As explained by Apple itself in its statement, this will be a feature reserved for US merchants and will be available from the end of the year. They have guaranteed that it is a safe and efficient payment method for all types of professionals, from small companies to the largest. However, ordinary users who also live outside this territory have been left with a slightly bittersweet taste due to how interesting this novelty would be if it spread globally and to all audiences.

An alternative to Bizum in Europe?

Almost 6 years ago Bizum was born as an instant payment method through the banking applications of numerous entities, although it was not until 2-3 years ago that it became popular. However, there are still entities that do not allow this type of payment between users and for this reason there are those who would welcome being able to make payments between friends using their iPhone.

It is true that this would require attendance since, unlike Bizum, this service would only work if two iPhones are physically joined and it could not be done remotely. Although for these last cases there is already Apple PayCash, a service integrated into iMessage that allows remote payments between users. However, this functionality has not been extended either and in the end it has been linked only to those who have an Apple Card, which can only be contracted in the United States.

The complexities that Apple has to face

Unlike when we talk about a hardware feature or a change in the interface of iOS, these types of news related to financial services are more difficult to integrate. And they are for various reasons, starting with the study that requires their integration in order to guarantee their security and privacy. Although, without a doubt, its main handicap lies in the complexity of the financial laws.

In the end, each territory has its own regulations and adapting services like these globally is a complicated task and that is why Apple always tries first in the United States, a place that they know very well and in which they have the largest market share with their devices. And although on some occasions the possibility of extending services such as the Apple Card to Europe has been dropped, the truth is that they have never materialized.

Therefore, the functionality of payments between users is a real desire and that will surely increase with the announcement of Tap to Pay between companies. However, although Apple is aware of this, it is not easy for it to integrate it at a particular level and outside its native country. So, although we cannot rule it out, we should get used to the idea that it does not seem to be in their plans to carry it out in the short term.

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