Will we see a new Windows 11 soon? 22H2 could arrive soon

Updates, whatever their type, could be considered as key elements in operating systems such as Windows 11. That is precisely why software developers like Microsoft put a good part of their efforts into these important elements.

Surely many of you already know that the firm’s new operating system has been with us for a few months. Little by little, users begin to migrate from Windows 10 or earlier versions of the system to this latest one. All this if they manage to exceed the required hardware requirements, something that has created enormous controversy. However, not everyone is convinced at the moment to carry out this migration.

In fact, as we told you just a few days ago, the current market penetration of the Windows 11 system does not reach the initial expectations of microsoft. Another reason why many users are waiting to take the plunge is due to the arrival of the big OS update. Well, these are probably in luck since this update to which we refer could be closer than we think.

We tell you all this because it is to be expected that Microsoft is about to specify the launch date of Windows 11 22H2And it could be soon. The firm has just published Windows 11 Build 22610. This includes many bug fixes, improvements and some new design features. For example, support for system colors is included in Task Manager.

What’s interesting about all of this is that this build released to Insiders doesn’t come with the usual desktop watermark. Experience tells us that probably Windows 11 update 22H2 RTM release is near.

The RTM version of Windows 11 22H2 is coming

Microsoft has pointed out on a few occasions that the missing watermark in the lower right corner of the desktop does not necessarily mean that the development of the update has finished. But as we mentioned, experience tells us that the final version is most likely close.

windows 11 updates

This means that the software giant is already reviewing the final code to prepare for the release of the aforementioned 22H2 major update. We could say that it is in the final stretch of this long-awaited launch. Moreover, maybe I could be released before traditional feature updates that used to arrive in the months of October or November. However, this does not mean that the recent update sent to the Dev and Beta channelsbe the last we see.

On the contrary, it is to be expected that the Redmond giant sends some more with bug fixes, although with little news. But the disappearance of the aforementioned watermark on the desktop, considering that this is May, could indicate that Windows 11 22H2 could arrive sooner than expected, perhaps even in August. All this and thanks to the improvements and new features that will accompany this update, could convince many once and for all to migrate to the latest operating system.

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