will we see Matt Murdock again in the MCU?

During an interview, Charlie Cox confirmed that his character will return to the MCU, without specifying where and how…

Marvel has more ideas. 4 years after the grand finale of Daredevil, the firm has finally integrated some characters from the series into the MCU. Wilson Fisk has joined the cast of Hawkeye on Disney+, where he landed the lead antagonist role. For his part, Matt Murdock came to lend a hand to Peter Parker, wrongly accused of having killed Quentin Beck – alias Mystério – in London. After these first appearances, one can logically wonder what the future holds for them at Disney.

Especially since the series will leave the Netflix catalog at the end of February, no doubt to join that of Disney+ in the coming weeks. This is at least the case in Canada where they are announced for the month of March. This return to the fold is undoubtedly not insignificant, Marvel will integrate the Defenders into its vast cinematographic universe.

If for the time being the Maison des Idées has remained rather discreet on the subject, Charlie Cox has finally spoken on the question. For our greatest pleasure, the interpreter of Daredevil has confirmed that he should reappear on the screen soon. “I know something. I don’t know much, but there will be something else”.

Rather cryptic statements, which nevertheless confirm that he is in discussion with Marvel for a potential sequel to the adventures of the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. However, we do not know what form this reunion will take. Since the arrival of Disney+, the MCU has made its first forays onto the small screen. Cinema or series? Only time will tell. Another unknown in this equation: will the house of ideas make a clean sweep of the past, or will it be a direct sequel to the series?

A simple cameo from the start

During this interview, for RadioTimesCharlie Cox also returned to his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. A cameo that was offered to him in 2020, and which according to him was to be from the start : “a tiny apparition”. His character should therefore not be of major importance in the plot. Especially since the returns of iconic characters were numerous, starting with the antagonists of previous sagas. However, the sequence at least had the merit of confirming the existence of Daredevil in this reality, no need for a multiverse to integrate it in the future.

As a reminder, the next meeting with the MCU is set for next may 6. On this date, spectators will be able to dive into the heart of the multiverse alongside Doctor Strange. A second part of the adventures of the character camped by Benedict Cumberbatch, which promises a few surprises and many cameos. For the moment, the rumors do not mention the presence of Charlie Cox in the casting, nor even that of other Defenders.

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