Will you be able to overcome it? Apple has a challenge prepared for you

Apple is a company that, as you well know, cares a lot about its users, trying to make their lives a little healthier through one of its star devices, the Apple Watch. And it is that, in addition to trying to motivate these users with activity rings and movement notifications, the Cupertino company also frequently launches different activity challenges that, when overcome, generate a reward. Be careful that in this post we tell you what Apple’s next challenge is.

These challenges that Apple prepares so that users who have an Apple Watch have one more reason or incentive to move and do physical activity are very common throughout the year. In fact, what the Cupertino company usually does is that, on days where a special event or reason is celebrated, it includes a challenge of this type as a “celebration”.

National Parks Activity Challenge

In this case, next Sunday, August 28, the well-known and popular National Parks activity challenge is celebrated, and how could it be otherwise, Apple has prepared an activity for this celebration that, of course, is quite affordable. for all users who have an Apple Watch. It is a day in which the whole world claims the importance of these natural spaces full of beauty, nature and vegetation, and being Apple a company that is always so aware of the environment, it is not surprising that it wanted to celebrate it too in their own way.

The challenge that Apple proposes is very simple, and also, really affordable for everyone, since unlike other occasions, the physical wear caused by this activity will be practically nil. This consists of traveling 1 mile, which in kilometers is equivalent to 1.6 doing a workout on the Apple Watch of walking, hiking or running. The activity is really symbolic, and in the end, Apple’s goal is, as we said at the beginning, to add one more reason for users to go out into the streets and into nature that day to do some sport and enjoy it. . An initiative that, of course, speaks highly of how the Cupertino company tries to make those users who have an Apple Watch lead a more mobile and, therefore, healthier life.

National Parks Challenge

But beware, as always, Apple also provides a gift to all those users who finally complete this fantastic challenge. As usual, the prize is a completely exclusive badge, which is also accompanied by up to four animated stickers that you can use in the different applications. This is also very motivating for some users who aim to be able to obtain all the badges that the Cupertino company makes available to users through the different Apple Watch activity challenges. And it is that as if it were a collection, many pursue day by day to be able to add objectives in order to get hold of all of them, just as it was said in the Pokémon games to be able to complete the popular and famous Pokédex.

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