Willem Dafoe drops that he would like to be a new Batman Joker

Willem Dafoe it’s scary in and of itself. Surely he is a human being with a good heart, and a piece of bread when he is with his family. But the big screen demands that good old Dafoe play the villain. And it reaches such a point that it seems that the actor himself is already begging for a new role. The 4-time Oscar nominee has always had a thorn in his side, because so far, has not had the opportunity to play the antagonist of Batman. And he has not hesitated to volunteer for an interview. However, it has its complications, since Dafoe wants to play the Joker… without being the Joker.

From Marvel supervillain to reclaiming his place at DC

broken green goblin mask

Less than a month ago, we were able to see Willem Dafoe playing the Green Goblin again. Unlike the original film in which he faced a young Tobey Maguire, this time the villain break his disguise Practically from its first appearance in the film. That act is probably a way of teaching Sam Raimi—the director of spider-man (2002)—the big mistake he made by covering the actor’s face with a mask, because Willem is much scarier than the character himself.

That Dafoe plays bad is no longer a surprise, but the opposite. It would only be necessary to put a hidden camera and measure how the people who see it react The Florida Project, where the actor is not only not the antagonist, but also fascinated by his ability to interpret to a humble hotel manager who fills in for poor Moonee’s father figure.

Dafoe wants to be ‘The Joker’ with a white label

dafoe phoenix joker

In a recent interview with the british gq magazineDafoe has opened up about his vision for one of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe: the Joker. But nevertheless, does not want to fight with Joaquin Phoenix for his role, but… supplant it. Dafoe continued to develop his idea, showing a bit of the outline of his vision. He would be willing to play a wacko who poses as the Joker, creating a conflict with the real Joker. In his imagination, his fake Joker would face the real villain, played by Phoenix, affirming that he and no other is the true antagonist of the story. Willem himself acknowledges at the end of the interview that everything he has released is simply a fantasy yours, and that, until thenI had not shared it with anyone.

There are many fans who have asked over the years for a Joker played by Willem Dafoe. Heath Ledger set the bar in an almost unattainable place, but Phoenix matched his mark also winning an Oscar with a different interpretation, but at the same time, brilliant. The same cannot be said for Jared Leto, who, although he shows a very unhuman side, gets to be very screeching, making his Joker the most obnoxious of all time. It is likely that one hypothetical interpretation of Willem Dafoe I can provide the best of each case. Even so, the last word will have the producers. The Wisconsin actor has already made a move. Whether or not it materializes will depend on the complex world of cinema, where most of the time, ideas remain in the pipeline.

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