William Shatner, Captain Kirk from Star Trek, became the oldest person in space | VIDEO

The actor William shatner, 90, became this Wednesday, October 13, the person of age to travel to space, as it flew at a height of 107 kilometers above the Earth aboard the company’s New Shepard NS-18 spacecraft Blue origin, owned by the billionaire Jeff bezos.

In addition to the famous actor who gave life to Captain Kirk on Star Trek, the crew of this spacecraft was made up of the space engineer and lawyer Audrey powers, vice president of the Blue Origin company, as well as entrepreneurs Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries.

Boshuizen is co-founder of Planet Labs, the first company to use nanosatellites commercially, while De Vries is a co-founder of Medidata Solutions, one of the world’s leading clinical research platforms.

Crew of the New Shepard NS-18 ship. Photo: IG blueorigin

This new crew of the New Shepard capsule will seek to emulate the feat of the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, when on July 20 he officially traveled to space, after his ship exceeded 107 kilometers, a height considered by entities such as the NASA or the Federal Aviation Administration itself as part of outer space.

Here is the entire transmission of the launch of the New Shepard NS-18:

Captain Kirk’s Space Travel Photos

Like on July 20, when Jeff Bezos’s space trip was, this Wednesday the New Shepard NS-18 spacecraft left from a private platform in Texas minutes before 10:00 am (Mexico time).

According to the live stream from the Blue Origin channel, the New Shepard reached 107.04 kilometers in height, so it can be considered a trip to outer space.

Jeff Bezos’s aerospace company ship was out of Earth orbit for a few minutes and during the transmission the crew members were excited.

Once 107 kilometers high, the capsule detached from the rocket and began the descent again towards the city of Texas.

When the New Shepard landed, about 10 minutes after 10:00 a.m., the Jeff Bezos came to receive his space tourists and it was who opened the ship for these to descend.

The Cheers for Audrey Powers, William Shatner, Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries they did not wait. They made history by becoming the second civilian crew to travel to space.

“It’s incredible, everything looked light blue … I was very nervous and everything was so fast, but that’s what life is all about,” said the 90-year-old actor, who will go down in history as the oldest person in traveling to space. “I don’t know what it may look like to the world, but it seems to me that I’m just like a child playing on the seashore while the great ocean of truth lay unknown before me,” he told Jeff Bezos.

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