Windows 10, 11: it takes at least 8 hours to install an update, according to Microsoft

8 hours: This is the average time for a PC to download and install the latest Windows update. If this duration may seem excessively long, it should be understood that it is the time required to be connected to Windows Update, and not necessarily the time when the patch is actually being installed.

Windows 11 Update 22533

Many users focus on installing Windows updates without waiting. Whether they bring new functionalities, improve the design or even correct security flaws, it is sometimes necessary to download them the same day they are deployed. However, many others prefer to wait, for several reasons. Some updates may, for example, cause bugs making it difficult to use the OS. Others just don’t pay attention. And, often, this is simply due to chance.

Indeed, in a blog post, David Guyer, program manager for Windows Update, explains that a large number of users simply do not stay connected to the Internet long enough to detect the latest update. According to him, on Windows 10 as on Windows 11, it is necessary to count at least 8 hours of connection to install the patch the same day it is deployed. “Devices that do not respect a certain connection duration have a very low chance of a successful update”explains David Guyer.

8 hours minimum to install a Windows update

Thus, on average, you need to be connected to the Internet for two hours continuously for Windows Update to detect the new update. It usually takes another six hours after deployment for it to appear on users’ PCs. It is then necessary to add the time of the installation itself, which can take from a few minutes to several hours depending on the size of the patch. However, Microsoft points out that 50% of Windows devices not being up to date are not because of this relatively long connectivity time required.

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“You can get more devices within your company to meet the minimum update connectivity metric by communicating with device owners, encouraging them to leave their devices plugged in and connected — instead of turning them off overnight — so that updates can be downloaded and installed correctly”, advises David Guyer. Note that Windows 11 updates take less time thanks to better compression.

Source: Microsoft

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