Windows 10 and the Bluetooth bug, an electric car at 100 €/month, this is the recap

An electric car leased at €100/month, Microsoft fixes a Windows 10 bug that causes a blue screen of death, a Ukrainian flees his country with his Bitcoin savings stored on a USB key, this is the recap.

Another day full of news. In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, a young Ukrainian decided before leaving to save 40% of his savings in Bitcoin on a USB key. For its part, Microsoft has fixed a huge bug in Windows 10 related to the management of Bluetooth. Finally, outgoing President Emmanuel Macron promises the French to allow them to acquire an electric car for 100 € / month. Want to know more about all these news? So on to the recap.

Bitcoin at the service of a Ukrainian refugee

A young Ukrainian fled his country having had the good idea to save a good part of his savings in Bitcoin. Everything was stored on a small USB key, of which only he knew the encryption key. He was thus able to reach Poland without risking the money being stolen during his journey.

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Microsoft releases fix for Windows 10 related to Bluetooth

Via Windows 10 update KB5011543, Microsoft is delivering a welcome fix. The publisher of Redmond indeed proposes to correct a problem related to Bluetooth, which causes blue screens of death (the famous BSOD). The update is done through the operating system’s Windows Update feature, which can be accessed using the Settings app.

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Is an electric car leased for only €100/month possible?

A few weeks before the first round, outgoing President Emmanuelle Macron announced that he wanted to put in place a new measure aimed at democratizing electric cars. The objective is to allow the French to have access to this type of vehicle without breaking the bank: for an amount not exceeding €100/month, the candidate for his re-election thus promises access to an electric car “on lease ”.

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