Windows 10 at only €6.12 despite Microsoft stopping Win10 downloads!

While Microsoft has officially stopped selling Windows 10, it is still possible to get it by other means. The software is notably available from just €6.12 exclusively at Godeal24. We explain everything to you below.


Microsoft has actively promoted Windows 11 and has stopped digital downloads of the Windows 10 operating system since January 31, 2023. This means that if you want to buy Windows 10, you must do so through third-party channels. So the question is simple: how to buy a cheap genuine Windows 10 license? We advise you to turn to Godeal24, an online platform that reliably sells genuine Windows operating systems, but also Microsoft Office and other computer software.

During the Valentine’s Day flash sale at Godeal24, Windows 10 Pro is offered for only €6.12/PC. And good news: even though Microsoft no longer sells Windows 10, the software is still updated until October 14, 2025. This keeps your computer protected against viruses, spyware, and other malware. As a bonus, Windows 10 is also upgraded to Windows 11 for free!

Windows 10 available from €6.12/PC at Godeal24

At Godeal24, for a few days, you can take advantage of the following offers:

Are you more interested in Windows 11? The software was officially launched on the Microsoft store at a price of €199.99. During the flash sale of the Valentine’s Day at Godeal24, you can get the license for only 10.25€. If you buy more than one, you benefit more from an economic pack of Windows 11 Pro 5PC in which Windows 11 Pro is found at the crazy price of €9.79 per PC! Find all the offers below:

With Windows 11, Microsoft offers a system that blurs the boundaries between cloud and hardware by incorporating a maximum of artificial intelligence technologies. It is also said in the noise of the corridor that it is towards the AIs that Windows 12 will tend. When you see the popularity of ChatGPT, it’s easy to see the OpenAI technology as being able to support system apps like clocks, photos, email, calendars, cameras and microphones with Windows 12 .

Increase your productivity with software at low prices at Godeal24

Are you looking to increase your productivity with Word, PowerPoint or Excel, but you don’t want to ruin yourself? The flash sale of Valentine’s Day at Godeal24 offers you the latest Office 2021 for only €24.25. With Godeal24 you can cover all your software needs. Whether you’re looking for office tools to improve your efficiency, photo editing software or PC protection, you’ll find it all at unbeatable prices at Godeal24.

For Microsoft Office at the best price, fall for:

With the code SGO62, you benefit from -62% on the following offers:

For Microsoft Office for Mac licenses, go to:

With the code SGO50, you can also enjoy the following products at half price:

And for even more computer tools at the best price:

At Godeal24, you can save a lot of time and money with discounted Microsoft licenses, leading computer security software and other tools like IOBIT, Ashampoo, Disk Drill and many more. Get the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office at an unbeatable price. With Godeal24, you can rest easy knowing that your software is 100% safe and genuine, backed by Microsoft’s Lifetime Support and Update Guarantee.

Shop hassle-free with Godeal24’s digital delivery that sends your software straight to your email within seconds of your purchase. Moreover, with a note Trustpilot excellent 98% satisfaction rating and expert 24/7 technical support, you can be sure of the quality of the product you are purchasing. Don’t miss this chance to save up to 90% on the software you need for work or play.

Godeal24 promises 24/7 lifetime technical support via email “[email protected]”.

This article is a sponsored post offered by Godeal24.

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