Windows 10 from only 13 euros and with the free jump to Windows 11

Gone are the times when the only way to get a license for Windows 10, or any of its predecessor operating systems, was through the need to buy a new computer with the software already pre-installed and activated, or go through the little inexpensive official Microsoft store.

And it is that although normally we can do one of the basic functions of our equipment, maintain it without a license or make use of an illegal copy can lead us to be left out of operating system security updates, leaving our computer exposed to all the threats that are solved, precisely, thanks to the updates that Microsoft publishes periodically.

That’s why today we introduce you to SuperCDK, whose Windows 10 licenses have a 100% certified and legal origin, ensuring that we will not suffer any type of problem after activation. Although this will not be the only advantage, since thanks to the “VERY” code assigned by this website, you will be able to enjoy 25% discount on all products.

Is Windows 10 worth it after the release of Windows 11?

The answer is certainly yes. And it is that not only will we be able to enjoy a more finished operating system, but given the fact that Microsoft has already confirmed that users of the current version will be able to update their operating systems to Windows 11 completely free of charge, we will be able to give way to the new one. operating system in a simple way at any time, keeping the low price of these licenses.

These are some of the most noteworthy offers, of how many we have found in the SuperCDK catalog:

  • Windows 10 Pro OEM Lifetime Key: sale price 13.20 euros, after using the VERY discount coupon.
  • Windows 10 Pro OEM Lifetime Key 2PC: sale price 22.27 euros, after using the VERY discount coupon.
  • Windows 10 Home OEM Lifetime Key: sale price 11.84 euros, after using the VERY discount coupon.
  • Office 2016 Pro Plus OEM Lifetime Key: sale price 24 euros, after using the VERY discount coupon.
  • Office 2019 Pro Plus OEM Lifetime Key: sale price 38.75 euros, after using the VERY discount coupon.
  • Windows 10 Pro OEM + Office 2019 Pro Plus keys Pack: sale price 48.75 euros, after using the VERY discount coupon.
  • Windows 11 Pro Oem Key, sale price 17.63 euros, after using the VERY discount coupon.

Remember that, as we have indicated, you will have to use the VERY discount coupon, something that you will do in the next step.

SuperCD: cheap, simple and fast

First of all, when you have chosen what you want to buy, click on the corresponding link from the list that you will find above. Of course, even if you see that the initial price does not coincide with what we have indicated in this article, but do not worry, it is normal.

So click on the “Buy Now” button and, on the page that will open, Look for the section «Promotion code», write «VERY» and press the button «Request». In this way, the price will be automatically recalculated and, as you can see, the price that we have indicated in this article will already be displayed.

Windows 10 for only 13.20 euros?  Well yes, 100% legal and upgradeable to Windows 11!

Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a confirmation message in your email account and, additionally, on the SuperCDK website you will be able to see the licenses you have purchased. To see the activation key, you just have to click on the button «See the code / code».

How to activate my Windows 10 key?

With two different processes to follow depending on whether we already have a Windows 10 operating system installed or if we perform the complete installation from scratch, both processes are kept under a really simple process.

Starting with the new installation, we must keep the activation key noted outside the computer, since it will be limited to the functions of the Windows installer. So, we just have to follow the different steps that the wizard himself will mark us until we reach the step in which the window to enter our password will be displayed, and complete the rest of the installation process as normal.

In the event that we want to activate a device already in use, the process will be even faster. And it is that we will only have to type “Activate Windows” in the search box on the start bar, and the operating system itself will show us the direct access to the system settings section. Once here, we will click on the line of text that says “See if Windows is activated”, after which a window will open in which we can enter our code to complete the activation of the equipment.

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