Windows 11 22H2 Pro will require Microsoft user account

It is known that Microsoft prefers registered usersand the Windows 11 22H2 update will go a step further in that direction, because according to what we can read in Windows Latest, from its hand will come the obligation to have a Microsoft account for users of the Pro version of the operating system, ending this mode, if what is published is finally confirmed, with the possibility of using Windows 11 Pro exclusively with a local account.

This type of change is not a novelty, actually we already saw it before in Windows 11 Homeso it could be assumed that it was only a matter of time before this policy was extended to other versions of the operating system, except those intended for the corporate environment and educational ones, in which administrators can maintain control over the system of credentials they use. its users, managed with a directory system such as Active Directory.

Once the Microsoft user account is configured in Windows 11the rest of the company’s applications and services will be automatically configuredfrom the Microsoft Store, the software store built into the operating system, to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

For home users who circumvent the use of a Microsoft account by indicating that they use a work or school account, Windows 11 will prompt users to use the domain server associated with their account. Thus, it seems that Microsoft’s main interest with this change is not only that more users begin to link their Microsoft accounts with the installed operating system, how to end the use of local accounts.

At the moment, in the builds of Windows 11 22H2 that are reaching insiders and that already require the use of a Microsoft account, this requirement can still be circumvented by using incorrect credentials. In this case, the wizard will display an error message, but will still allow you to continue with the process. However, since the installation and configuration of Windows 11 requires an Internet connection, this will most likely be corrected before the update rollout begins.

It is so true that Using a Microsoft account in Windows 11 provides some benefitssuch as the integration of Microsoft services, such as that trying to force the adoption of this mode is something that surely many users will not like, who for privacy or other reasons do not want their operating system installation to be traceable to their identity. It’s true that local accounts often pose security problems, so it makes sense to try to kill them, but in this case, I’m afraid Microsoft has stepped on the accelerator too much for quite a few people.

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