Windows 11 22H2 would already be close to reaching the insiders

We will still have to wait a few months for the arrival of Windows 11 22H2 “Sun Valley 2”, that is, the first major update to Windows 11 since its release in October last year. And this is understandable, of course, the launch of Windows 11 22H1 is still recent, its first update that, despite bringing improvements and news, personally reminds me more of the first day patches, so common in the world of video games, that to major Windows updates.

This is not something negative, eye, I want to clarify this. Unlike, I think it’s very sensible on the part of Microsoft that, after some problems after trying to keep up with two major annual updates, have decided to change the chip. And it is that we all still remember the problems it had with Windows 10 2004. Now, with an intermediate update between the big ones, we can expect that both of them will be much more reliable, and that is precisely what Windows 11 22H2 points to.

As I said at the beginning, most users will still have to wait a few months to opt for it, and I know that there are people (me among them) waiting for said review to make the leap to Windows 11. And it is that in addition to the news that will come from your hand, of which we will inform you promptly as they are made public, Windows 11 22H2, some functions related to dragging files to the start bar will also be recovered, which, at least in In my case, they are used very, very frequently.

Now, if for the vast majority the wait will last, most likely, until next fall, Windows Insiders, more specifically those from the Dev channel, could already be close, pretty close, to receiving the first test build of Windows 11 22H2, according to WindowsLatest. And it is that signs have already appeared, such as a new compilation on Github. called Windows 11 Build 22603, which aims to be the basis of the first deployment of Windows 11 22H2 for insiders of the most advanced channel of the Windows testing program.

this still does not allow us to calculate specific deadlines, as Microsoft may still have to polish some aspects of it. However, let’s remember that unlike what happens in other channels, Dev content can be quite unstable (we’re talking about beta versions after all, so it’s normal), in this case Microsoft not only doesn’t have to wait for it to be stable to release it, quite the contrary, the channel’s own feedback helps to detect stability, performance and operation problems in order to correct them.

If we look at last year’s calendar, we see that Windows 10 21H2 began to reach insiders in the middle of May 2021, although it is true that last year was somewhat atypical. Still, this puts us on track, as last year also saw the “minor” update (21H1) and major update (Sun Valley) sequence. So, if we add the appearance of this build on Github and the timeframes from last year, it makes sense that the first version of Windows 11 22H2 coming to Dev channel insiders sometime next month, May.

Will it come with all the news? That is the big question, because it is much of what we expect from Windows 11 22H2, from the new video editor to the functions related to the taskbar that I mentioned at the beginning, new security functions, some updated interface… in short, much, maybe too much to debut in a first beta. Now, Microsoft’s new update cycle might allow it, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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