Windows 11 and unsupported PCs: Are you getting updates?

One of the biggest concerns Windows 11 raised was the issue of updates on unsupported computers, that is, in those that did not meet the hardware requirements that Microsoft had set.

It was an important issue because, in the end, yes you link your Windows 10 license To be able to update to Windows 11, but it turns out that you do it from an unsupported computer, you could end up running out of updates, without support and without that license that you used to move Windows 10.

With that in mind, it is not surprising that many users have preferred wait before upgrading to Windows 11. They want to be sure that they will receive support, and that they will be able to install updates and security patches with the same frequency, and with the same guarantees, as a user who does use a PC compatible with that operating system.

The point is that, although still there is no guarantee that they will receive the same degree of support In the medium and long term, for now we can confirm that last Tuesday’s patch reached all Windows 11 users, including those who had computers that are not compatible. This is a good start, and very important, as Tuesday’s patches introduce new features and improvements in terms of security and stability, and also fix more or less serious errors. They are essential to keep Windows 11 in good condition.

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However, it must be borne in mind that Microsoft warned of possible limitations both in terms of general support and updates with new functions on unsupported equipment, which means that, at any time, they could end up introducing these limitations. Personally, I would not upgrade to Windows 11 at the moment if I had a computer that did not meet all the requirements that Microsoft gave.

However, if later it is found that the support received by these computers is the same as those that do meet all the requirements, I would update without any hesitation.

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