Windows 11 comes to the Steam Deck, but is it worth it?

There are many who have been waiting for this release for a long time, and to a large extent it has not disappointed. It is evident that it is a product that is in full growth at the software level, as we have been able to verify. In fact, to date Valve has already released two firmware updates for its recently released handheld console.

Thus, Steam Deck received its first update in the stable channel with an improvement to the software keyboard and adding input calibration. On the other hand, the second update, currently in Beta, focuses on improving various aspects of the console. Additionally, this second update adds fTPM support, allowing users to install Windows 11 on the handheld console. It must be taken into account that the TPM-module it is one of the hardware requirements of the latest version of the Microsoft operating system.

Although there are several methods to skip this requirement, it is recommended that our hardware device has TPM or Trusted Platform Module and receive support from the firm. In parallel, Valve warns its users that this is an update that is still in progress. Beta phase, so it requires improvements. At the same time we must know that the Windows drivers for Steam Deck at the moment have all kinds of bugs. Serve as an example that at the moment audio driver not available.

Installing Windows 11 on Steam Deck is not recommended

Due to all this that we are telling you, at this time installing Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, on Steam Deck is not a good decision. Especially if we plan to use this particular software in a conventional way on the console. At the moment the update that allows us to carry this out not optimized enough.

This translates into the fact that, if we take this path, we could currently find some major performance problems Of the device. Thus, it is recommended here to wait a bit for Valve to improve this update before installing Windows 11 on the console.

We must know that this is a very important product for the firm focused on games, therefore, this support should improve over time. With everything and with it these are not the only novelties included here. We also find a new message when plugging in an invalid charger, or a FPS control.

We are also going to find a combination of buttons that will be extremely useful in the event that steam deck crash. At the same time it is important to know that the firm introduces some improvements regarding battery life and overall stability.

Now we just have to wait for this new update to debug and improve by eliminating the errors that we can find at the moment. In this way, later we will have the possibility of installing Windows 11 on Steam Deck to get the most out of this portable console.

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