Windows 11 could come this day, and with a change in the default theme

For many, Windows 11 is nothing more than Windows 10 with a facelift. Have new icons, new effects, round corners, new background, centered taskbar and new start menu. In addition, as now, this OS allows us to choose between a light and a dark theme, according to our tastes and how we want to use the PC. By default, Windows has always opted for its clear theme, suitable for all tastes. However, things could change with this new Windows 11.

The dark theme could be the main one

Paul Thurrott, A well-known Microsoft Insider has confirmed in a tweet that Microsoft’s new system will bring dark mode enabled by default.

So far, the Insider versions of Windows 11 have opted for the clear theme, just like 10 and all other versions of the operating system. However, this may be one more last minute change, a change designed, mainly, so that all users can know this new topic, just as it exists in Android, iOS and macOS.

Windows 11 dark theme is very elegant, and it is very neat. However, Microsoft runs the risk that this will not look very good on some monitors, especially on older screens. It may also happen that older people cannot read these dark screens as easily as they can read the screens with light themes.

Of course, if we don’t like Microsoft’s new dark theme we can change it with a couple of clicks. But the bet on the default dark theme is, of course, curious and risky.

Intel reveals Windows 11 release date

At the moment we do not know much about the launch date of the new Windows 11. Microsoft only said in the presentation of the operating system that the new OS would reach users by the end of the year, probably at Christmas, but without providing many more details about it.

Now, thanks to the latest version of Intel drivers (which, by the way, is already officially compatible with this Windows 11) we have been able to realize two important things. The first is that the company’s new OS will continue to use the well-known xxHx codes (eg 21H2, 22H1, etc) to better identify the OS versions. And the second is that it will be called «October 2021 Update“, so that the RTM should arrive in October, and the final version in November. Or, at least, those are the intentions.

Windows 11 release date Intel

Windows 11 will be updated once a year (instead of twice like Windows 10), and each update will be quite large, with exciting news and features for users. The first major update of the new OS will arrive in the second half of 2022, and will be called «22H2«.

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