Windows 11 could require an SSD in future updates

Microsoft is pushing OEMs to install an SSD in all computers that come with Windows 11 pre-installed, a move that has raised some suspicions since said component is not a requirement to be able to use this operating system, but it seems that could become so in the short to medium term.

An SSD unit is more expensive than an equivalent HDD unit in capacity because, in the end, the cost per gigabyte of the former is higher than that of the latter. However, the SSD has very important advantages that we have already told you on more than one occasion. For example, they are much faster in both sequential and random read and write speeds, and also have much lower access times and latencies.

At the same time, they are silent, they do not produce any type of vibration and they are more resistant to shakes and shocks, since they do not have moving parts. With an SSD we can enjoy increased speed and superior performance with Windows 11both in terms of system startup and shutdown times as well as in opening applications and documents, and also in loading times.

The SSD is a component that really makes a big difference compared to the HDD, and that is why it is understandable that Microsoft is trying to standardize it on even the cheapest OEM equipment. According to John Chen, CEO of TrendFocus, Microsoft wanted HDDs out of OEM use this year, but in the end this goal has been postponed to 2023-2024 because that transition is more complicated than it seems, especially due to the higher cost of SSDs and the impact they have on low-end equipment, whose price is usually very tight.

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Microsoft has not yet made the SSD a minimum requirement to move Windows 11, but this is to be able to run Android applications in said operating system, so we would not be surprised if in a couple of years, with the release of an annual update, the SSD was imposed as mandatory in Windows 11.

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