Windows 11 displays the wrong notice on eligible computers

The requirements of Windows 11 at the level of characteristics they have gone a long way, starting with a Microsoft that sometimes gave the impression of not being able to clarify itself with them. However, the latest incident detected can be considered a ripple, as there are users reporting a persistent bug in the security application that tells them that their computer is not supported despite meeting the draconian system requirements.

Certain users are reporting that the Windows 11 security app is displaying a error message saying “standard hardware security is not met” because “apparently the device does not meet the requirements” according to the operating system.

At first, there should be no surprise here, except for the fact that users affected by the bug are reporting that they do meet the requirements at the feature level, among which are the use of UEFI, TPM 2, Secure Boot and Data Execution Protection (DEP). Having the firmware of the motherboard is something that should help, but on paper it is not a requirement to meet the requirements of Windows 11 (security is another matter).

Wrong message from Windows 11 about computers that meet your requirements

It is not the first time that this problem has been detected in Windows 11, since various users reported the same thing in June 2022. Jennifer Gentleman, a senior program manager at Microsoft, came out on that occasion to explain that the company quickly introduced a patch in the development channel of the operating system to fix the problem. The bug, which has recently returned, has apparently been introduced through the latest patch on Tuesday, Windows 11 Moments 2, which is causing more than one headache.

Due to the incidents that it is causing Windows 11 Moments 2, the best thing to do is to avoid the update or uninstall it until Microsoft manages to polish it definitively, and on top of that, possibly the company should rethink the procedures it follows before distributing updates.

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