Windows 11 fails: not even 1% update due to the limitations of their PC

It’s a manual “I told you so”, Microsoft ignored the complaints from the community and is now paying for its audacity. Users are both judges and executioners at the same time and the reasons of blamelessness of Windows 11 have only infuriated the masses, which between the restricted support and the errors that integrate the OS are returning to Windows 10. The fault, the requirements hardware and the market with impossible prices to buy, which is leading to Windows 11 is a failure.

It has been through an investigation carried out by Lansweeper where the lousy, if not daunting, data has been shown that it is offering the latest Microsoft operating system that many have already classified as a bad facelift of Windows 10. Everything has been controversy, the we have lived on the front page with the support of CPU and the different versions of TPM, as well as TPM 2.0 of course, and now the consequences come.

Windows 11 is an unprecedented failure


Normally users always want to take the step towards the new and more modern because it is synonymous with better, but in this case Microsoft has thrown stones at its own roof. Lansweeper reveals that only 0.21% of users have made the leap to the latest version of the popular OS, all despite the fact that it is curiously free by updating from Windows 10.

And we are not talking about a study of 1000 PCs around the world, but of more than 10 million devices with Windows under their belt. Windows 11 in itself is, today, the fifth most used OS of the company with the casuistry that its share is well below even Windows XP and not to mention Windows 8 or 10. Why is this happening ? You don’t have to be very smart or read the review to understand it.

TPM 2.0 and capable but excluded CPUs


From a software point of view, many users do not like the company’s new start menu or the problems that Windows 11 is having with performance and configuration, but from a hardware point of view, what we already predicted is happening.

Microsoft has put such high requirements that it supposes to leave out any CPU from before 2018 and that supposes millions and millions of PCs that will remain in Windows 10. Although these PCs can acquire a TPM 2.0 module For security the Redmond company does not guarantee the integrity of the processor, which is causing almost all users to wait patiently for a solution from the company.

To this must be added another problem that is out of control: the high and excessive prices. Microsoft was counting on the fact that many users would move to a new PC from AMD or Intel, as well as a new GPU, but reality has hit them head-on and what is being done is a movement of disagreement where that same user does not is buying and instead is holding its already veteran hardware waiting for prices in line with what is expected for range and performance.

Therefore, Microsoft’s restrictive hardware policies with security and CPUs is giving a clear diagnosis: Windows 11 is being an absolute failure. The question is Will the company rectify such a blow?

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