Windows 11: how to follow the Microsoft conference live

Microsoft will officially unveil its new major Windows update today. On the program, aesthetic changes and some technical novelties that you can discover live.

It’s the big day for Microsoft. This Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 5 p.m. (Paris time), the company will unveil its brand new operating system: Windows 11.

The OS, which will logically follow Windows 10, was already the subject of a huge leak a few days ago, which allowed a large number of interested people to discover the major evolution of its system.

But it’s a safe bet that despite this leak which spoiled the surprise a little, the company still has some revelations to announce during its event. For the more curious among you, it is possible to follow the event live.

How to follow the Windows 11 conference?

Covid requires, Microsoft will hold its big presentation virtually and broadcast it on the web. To watch the event live, nothing complicated: just go to the dedicated page on the Microsoft site.

The latter, which subtly displays a Windows logo which draws an “11” on the ground, is at the time of this writing still poor in information. However, the company will undoubtedly update its page to integrate a video player when the time comes. So stay tuned!

You can also go camping on the Twitter page of Microsoft or from Windows to be alerted as soon as the event begins. The community managers already seem to be having fun in preparation for the event.

What to expect from the Microsoft event?

Windows 11

We can safely assume that Microsoft will officially unveil Windows 11 at its conference. The system image that leaked on the web a few days ago was close to the retail version of Windows 11, so there is no doubt that Microsoft will formalize this new system and give some additional information about it. that we have already seen.

We know that this new OS embeds a package of aesthetic and ergonomic changes such as the overhaul of the famous Start menu which will a priori be located in the middle of the taskbar.

The new Windows 11 “Start” menu // Source: Screenshot

The system interface in general has been revised and widgets should make a comeback. In terms of technical innovations, on the other hand, the version of Windows 11 that we were able to test did not herald a technological revolution.

Windows Store and free update

But the surprise was not entirely wasted since Microsoft should still unveil some new features, in particular:

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