Windows 11 improves OneDrive integration

Windows 11 is again, as we have seen in its predecessors, not only an operating system, but also Microsoft’s spearhead to give more visibility to its catalog of products and services, lately especially services. And this is logical and understandable, as long as it is a presentation and recommendation, not an imposition. And it is that the operating systems market is becoming less profitable, at least with regard to private users. Let’s remember that macOS has been free for some years now, Linux has always been free and, although the official prices of Windows 11 are quite high, it is easy to find offers with which to obtain a 100% legal license for very, very few euros.

In other words, operating systems can only become profitable, in the particular market, if they act as a showcase for everything that the technology companies behind them can offer us. The main paradigm of this is the application stores, of course, but there are also web browsers and other proprietary applications and online services: search engines, mail, cloud storage, etc. And the latter, that of online storage, is a space increasingly competed by technology companies.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s contender in this arena and, for some time now, we have been seeing how the Redmond people worked for improve its integration in Windows 11 and earlier versions of your operating system. An integration that began, as in the case of other services of this type such as Google Drive and Dropbox, simplifying as much as possible the mapping of online storage as if it were an internal unit of the system, and that has continued with the improvement of the tools for service management from the operational point of view.

Now, as we can read on Softpedia, Microsoft is going to take an important step in this direction, by make Windows 11 notify users when their OneDrive space is running low. At the moment this function is included in the preview version of Windows 11, already available to insiders, so we can expect that its arrival in the final version of the operating system will take place in a short period of time.

It may seem like a minor detail, especially for those users who do not use cloud storage or, in any case, do so very sporadically. However, for all those who do rely on it on a regular basis, either as the main storage space, as its backup or for all those files that they want to be able to access from any device at any time, Windows 11 show more information about it can be very helpful. And no doubt a status bar like the one we can see in the imageseems like a pretty good idea.

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