Windows 11 is official: everything Microsoft has said

The «Next Generation» of Windows is here

It’s official: Windows 11 is real. Microsoft has just presented its new operating system, a system designed to be familiar, close and safe. A place where everyone feels comfortable and at ease, whether they are going to use the computer for work or use it for leisure or play.

New app store

One of the novelties that we can find in the new Microsoft operating system is the new app store. Microsoft has wanted to take advantage of its new operating system to give a facelift to one of the most obsolete elements of the system: the Microsoft Store. This new store brings a renewed, much more modern look, which will make it easier for both users to find applications and developers to give them visibility. Additionally, Microsoft will allow developers to upload their own applications, in EXE or MSI, raw. Without a doubt, a novelty more than necessary to give it importance.

Windows 11 - New MS Store

Among other novelties that we can find in the store we can highlight the official TikTok app. Which confirms that, finally, we can find Android applications inside this store.

Productivity improvements

Windows 11 is going to be an operating system designed so that we can all work more comfortably. The new desk is intended for use in touch interfaces but without sacrificing the use of the keyboard and mouse. The touch elements are prepared to be used with both one and two hands, and we can interact with the system through all kinds of gestures.

Windows 11 touch keyboard

Another novelty, which we could already know in the filtered ISO, are the Snaps. This new function allows us to divide the entire screen into several virtual parts where we can place the windows we want. We can have different configurations, and access it by right clicking on the maximize button of any window. The same that the PowerToy FancyZones now offers us, but native to the system.

Snaps in Windows 11

Are you one of those who prefers use multiple monitors? Windows 11 has also thought of you. Now it is going to be much easier than ever to work with multiple monitors. Even the system will detect when we disconnect the second one and it will automatically group all the open windows on the main monitor. And if we reconnect it later, it will restore the windows as we had them.

New integrations in the OS

The pandemic has changed the way we communicate with others, both personally and professionally. Therefore, Windows 11 wants to help us to always be connected without having to download, install or configure anything. And, therefore, Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will have Microsoft Teams integrated. We can access chats quickly with a couple of clicks, and answer calls as if they were native to the operating system.

Teams on Windows 11

And, in addition, Microsoft has announced the return of a very interesting feature: desktop widgets. Although they are different from what we knew in Windows 7, Windows 11 will bring an improved version, and well made, of what in Windows 10 we know as “News and Interests”. A panel from which we can place all kinds of widgets, both in one column and in several, occupying a part of the screen or full screen.

Widgets in Windows 11

New technologies to improve performance

Microsoft has emphasized that the new Windows 11 is an operating system designed with performance in mind. This OS will include the new APIs that will allow you to squeeze the most out of computer hardware and also enjoy games.

Windows 11 - Direct Storage API

We have already seen how the leaked version of Windows 11 offered higher performance than the last update of Windows 10. Now we know for sure that Windows 11 will not only change the interface, but will also revolutionize in terms of performance.

Windows 11 is for gaming

Xbox and Game Pass they will be more integrated than ever within the operating system. Although we expected to see a redesign of the app, Microsoft has confirmed that it will make it easier to find the games of its platform in Windows 10 so that all users spend less time searching for games and spend more time playing.

Windows 11 - Xbox app

A new feature that players will appreciate is the Auto HDR. Thanks to it, games will always look better than ever without us having to do anything.

Windows 11 HDR

In addition, Windows 11 is already ready to use Xbox Cloud, which will allow you to play Xbox games from the cloud, even those that are not available for PC.

When does Windows 11 arrive?

Microsoft is already thinking about the “next decade of Windows.” And, although it has not yet given exact data on when the new version of this operating system will arrive, the company has said that at the end of the year, surely at Christmas.

Windows 11 Nadella

In addition, it has made it clear that Windows 11 will arrive as a free update to all users, so we will not have to go through the box again. Clearly it is the «Sun valley»That we all expected, but with another name. Of course, the hardware requirements have increased, being mandatory to use a 64 bit CPU, as well as 4 GB RAM memory and 64 GB of minimum storage. The system has to be UEFI and TMP 2.0 compliant.

Windows 11 requirements

Of course, the company’s new operating system promises a lot, although it still looks like a Windows 10 with many aesthetic changes. Let’s see if the following Insider versions make us change our minds.

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