Windows 11 lifetime keys for € 11 and Office for € 18 with Keysbuff

Windows 11 it’s going to be a groundbreaking operating system. The new Microsoft OS is going to include a lot of changes and new features, starting with the aesthetic ones. This OS brings us a new taskbar, a new start menu, and rounded corners in all windows. But, in addition, it will include a series of functions that, until recently, were believed exclusive to consoles, such as DirectStorage, thanks to which the loading times of the games will be drastically reduced.

As with Windows 10, the new Windows 11 is going to be a free update, as long as we have an original Windows 10 key. And thanks to the Keysbuff weekend deals we are going to be able to legalize our OS, and make it ready for the new version of this OS, for much less than we imagine.

Keysbuff Weekend Deals: Windows, Office and More

Thanks to discount code «SFZ» we will be able to obtain a 28% discount on purchases of Windows and Office. In this way, we will be able to get the Windows 10 and Office keys at the following price:

Windows 10 Keys

Office keys

Save with Windows + Office packs

Do not miss this opportunity. The 28% discount is only available for a limited time. The keys are totally legal and valid for life, and Keysbuff provides us with a support email (service[at]
so that, in case of having the slightest problem, give us a solution as soon as possible.

How to activate Windows with the new original keys

Once the purchase is complete, we will receive our new Windows key. To activate it on our PC, what we must do is open the Configuration panel of the operating system, and go to the section «Update and security> Activation«. From here we can change the product key, entering the one we just received by mail.

Once the new password is entered, it will be linked to our Microsoft Account. We can verify that the PC is correctly activated by executing the following command within a CMD window: slmgr / xpr.

slmgr xpr Activate Windows

As we can see, our Windows 10 is activated with a permanent key, and we will have no more problems. When it’s time to upgrade to Windows 11, this key will automatically update to a valid key for the new operating system, and we can use it without restrictions.

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