Windows 11: Microsoft mistakenly deploys the update on non-compatible PCs

Microsoft has made a small mistake that may annoy users still on Windows 10. Indeed, the Redmond firm has accidentally deployed the last major Windows 11 update to all PCs, even those that are not compatible . A big false hope for all those who do not yet have the right to install the latest version of the operating system.

This week, Microsoft began rolling out Windows 11 22H2, its last big update that’s been waiting for months. It goes without saying that many users were therefore eagerly awaiting it and are now happy to have access to it. But others may on the contrary be particularly annoyed by this update. Indeed, Microsoft made a small mistake that surprised many.

On Reddit and on Twitter, many users have expressed their astonishment indicating that they have access to the update. So far so good, except that there is a catch: these testimonials actually concern Windows 10 users, who could not switch to Windows 11 because they did not have a compatible computer. So, while they were never notified of a new Windows 11 update, they can now install the update the traditional way.

Anyone can now install Windows 11, but it’s a mistake

On Twitter, the official Windows Insider account confirmed that this is indeed a bug and that “his teams are investigating” to resolve this problem. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. Microsoft had created controversy by publishing the minimum configuration to install Windows 11, including a fairly recent processor and especially the TPM 2.0 chip which many PCs are not equipped with.

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This error could therefore wake up old demons for users who do not have the right to install the latest version of their operating system. Especially since many have decided to go through an unconventional method to bypass the restrictions and still download Windows 11. As with this method, we also advise you not to install Windows 22 h 2 if your PC is not compatible. If this is already the case, you should be able to switch back to Windows 10 without any problems.

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