Windows 11: Microsoft offers a solution to the bug that prevents using the start menu

A very annoying bug impacts some Windows 10 and 11 users and prevents them from using the Start menu and the taskbar. Microsoft confirms today the existence of this concern and provides a solution. As a reminder, only a minority of PCs are impacted.

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This is a very annoying bug that affects some users on Windows 10 and 11: the inability to click on the Start menu and interact with the taskbar. Today, Microsoft gives a solution to circumvent it while giving information on its origin.

This bug only affects a handful of users and arises from a conflict between Clickshare, an application dedicated to visios, as well as the Windows calendar. Barco, the developer, had spotted this problem and claimed that it came from an update made by Microsoft.

Microsoft gives a solution to work around the taskbar bug

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the bug, but indicates however that it is not caused by a Windows update, but by applications using its APIs. It affects the versions 22H2, 21H2 of Windows 11 and 22H2, 21H2 and 20H2 of Windows 10.

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It is possible to get around the problem by fiddling around a bit. Barco had given a first solution by disabling Windows 11 calendar sharing with its application. Microsoft, for its part, advises to simply uninstall the offending applications if you do not use them: Microsoft Office, Outlook or Outlook Calendar. A somewhat harsh solution until a patch is deployed.

The Redmond firm also specifies that patches will soon be released for these applications. It should be a matter of days, or weeks at a pinch. In the meantime, we will have to deal with it in order to continue to be able to use its taskbar and its start menu, which are essential for navigation. As a reminder, Clickshare is a videoconferencing application which allows you to manage several cameras and which is mainly used in companies. Software that therefore concerns only a small handful of users, but enough for Microsoft to work hard on the subject.

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