Windows 11 Moments 2, a problematic update

It seems that we have to talk about a Windows update again, in this case Windows 11 Moments 2, which along with an interesting list of new features, also comes with a series of problems. Let’s remember that the deployment of this Windows update began at the beginning of this month, but that it was this week when it reached Windows Update, identified as KB5023706. As you already know, this makes an important difference, because with this change the update begins to arrive, automatically, to all compatible systems that have automatic updates activated.

Thus, and as we have already seen in other previous cases, it is when the massive deployment begins to take place when, of course, the problems begin to appear. This is understandable, and I don’t want to play devil’s advocate, but it is true that even with the Windows Insider Program, the pool of systems on which to test updates before releasing them is limited. Now, it is true that Microsoft should look for some method to mitigate this problem as far as possible. Deployment in rings, expansion of the team of beta testers… something.

In some cases, the problems associated with the updates are quite limited in scope, although in other cases they can affect all users who have updated their PC. In this case, with the Windows 11 Moments 2 problems, it’s still early to determine the approximate number of users affected, but given how little the first problems have begun to spread, we can understand that the number of people affected is significant.

As we can read in TechSpot, Windows 11 Moments 2 issues affect computers with Adata XPG SX8200 Pro SSD drives, as well as WiFi connections and can lead to blue screens. The most significant issue arising from the update is its impact on certain units equipped with a 1 terabyte Adata XPG SX8200 Pro SSD and for now it appears that the issue is limited to this model of Adata SSD. In all cases, its performance would have degraded to less than half of normal, and the problem would have disappeared by uninstalling Windows 11 Moments 2. The good news is that Microsoft has already acknowledged receipt and is working on it.

But the problem with this storage unit is not the only one that has been linked to Windows 11 Moments 2, since there are also users who have reported problems with WiFi connectivity (mainly speed) and constant blue screens, applications that have stopped working. Therefore, if you have already updated and you identify any of these issues, it is best to uninstall the update. And if you haven’t taken the leap yet, maybe it is better that you let at least a few days pass before doing it.

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