Windows 11: new wallpapers are hiding in the latest update

Ever bored of your latest wallpaper on Windows 11? We have good news for you. In the last update of its operating system, Microsoft camouflaged some wallpapers which should appeal to the greatest number. We explain how to download and use them.

Credits: @PhantomOfEarth via Twitter

Windows 11 is getting a new update today which, at first glance, does not bring much new for users. Indeed, it is especially here for Microsoft to continue the deployment of features already announced and available on several PCs. We thus find the famous tabs in the file explorer, or the return of drag and drop on the taskbar.

However, as is often the case with this kind of update, Microsoft did not settle for the minimum and concealed some new features for those who know where to look. As revealed by user @PhantomOfEarth on Twitter, it is indeed possible to download new wallpapers for your Desktop. Getting them isn’t the easiest, but shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the steps one by one.

How to download the new official Windows 11 wallpapers

So here’s how to go about it if you want to discover these new full-color wallpapers:

  • Type the command Win+R with your keyboard
  • In the window that opens, write regedit and hit the key Hall to open theRegistry Editor
  • Meet in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > PolicyManager > current > device
  • Right click on device then select New > Key
  • Right-click again in the created key and select New > 32-bit DWORD Value
  • Rename this value ” EnableEduThemes »
  • Double click on it and enter 1 in the section Value data
  • Restart your computer

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Once back on Windows 11, the operating system will automatically start downloading wallpapers. Once done, all you have to do is go to the usual place, namelySettings > Personalization > Backgroundto select the desired one.

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