Windows 11: possible solution to the browser problem

If you are one of the first people who have already made the leap to Windows 11, despite our recommendation that you do not do it for now, you may be experiencing some decrease in the performance of your PC. No surprise, in fact, we are already used to the fact that new versions of Windows, as well as a good part of its major updates, come with some problems that, however, are usually solved quickly by those of Redmond.

Practically from its arrival to the first compatible PCs, we already began to see the first performance problems of Windows 11, and that affected both the games and the Internet connection. And if that wasn’t enough, just a few hours later we also learned that Microsoft’s new operating system may have problems on computers that use AMD processors, due to problems with the way Windows 11 manages the processor’s L3 cache, a critical element in this manufacturer’s chips.

In Microsoft they have put the batteries with both problems and, although they are still present, a solution for both is expected in the short term. However, a third problem has also appeared that could potentially affect any user, and that penalizes the performance of the systems. As we can read in MSPowerUser, the latter is related to the Windows 11 file explorer, although it would also affect other actions related to file management and shortcuts.

The good news is that, as we can read in that same publication, the solution to this problem would be close to arriving, since the cause of it has already been identified (the system performs a series of unnecessary calculations that overload the system), and a first solution to it is already being tested in the latest version of Windows 11 published on the channel of development of the Windows insider program.

There are enough reasons to think that this solution should be the definitive one, although we do not know how long it will take to reach the final version of the operating system. However, with this we already have one more reminder of the reasons why, in most cases, and always in systems used to work, study, etc., it is best to never apply these types of updates on the first day . And is that an excess of hurry to be the first to try the latest Windows 11, it can lead to a very, very undesirable situation.

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