Windows 11 receives aesthetic improvements and new ISO with build 22533

After the Christmas break, Windows 11 continues its development on time. The new Microsoft operating system continues to receive, little by little, its necessary updates, adding new functions and features and, most importantly, correcting many of the bugs present in the operating system that can make it impossible to use the computer normally. Thus, as part of this development, Microsoft has just released a new update to its operating system, the build 22533. And then we will see what it brings.

This new update to the operating system comes with quite a few changes, both for the better and for the worse. On the one hand, Microsoft has rolled back some changes implemented in previous builds due to a malfunction with them, in addition to introducing even more cosmetic changes to the system. It has a very large list of corrections (and errors pending to be solved), and, in addition, it comes to us in ISO format so that we can test it without the need for formatting.

What’s new in build 22533

The first thing we will find in this build is that the new implementation of the weather widget on the taskbar, introduced in build 22518, has been restored. Although Microsoft will reactivate it later, for now it advises that some Insider users who have already activated it will be able to see how this function has been deactivated after updating. You still have work to do before you can stay in the system.

In addition, this new build releases a new design for the floating hardware indicators. Thus, when we adjust the brightness, the volume, the privacy of the camera, the on / off of the camera and the airplane mode we will see a new floating indicator, centered next to the taskbar, and that respects the theme of the operating system.

The Windows 11 “Your Phone” app has also received its share of changes. Now, this app shows us a new window for voice calls from this application, with new icons, a new font and other aesthetic changes to adapt it much more to the appearance of Windows 11.

Calls build 22533

Other interesting news that we can find in this new build are:

  • Now it is possible to find voice access from the taskbar and pin it to it to have it handy.
  • The 13 themes for customizing the Windows keyboard are being brought to IME keyboards.
  • Minor changes to Win + X menu descriptions.
  • Windows 11 now allows you to uninstall the clock app, if we don’t want to use it.

Fixed bugs

Of course, this new build also brings a long list of bug fixes and bugs. Let’s see all of them.

  • General:
    • Fixed error 0x8007012a when updating system drivers or firmware.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented logging into some Windows apps, such as the Feedback Hub.
    • Changed some Windows Update texts to refer to “Windows” and not just “Windows 10”.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented importing photos from certain cameras or mobiles from the “Photos” app.
    • When you open, close, and reopen Windows Sandbox, two icons should no longer appear on the taskbar.
  • Taskbar:
    • The Wi-Fi icon should now be much more reliable.
    • If we have multiple monitors and we right-click on the date and time section, explorer.exe will not crash.
    • Holding down the Control key and hovering over the task view will no longer crash the explorer.exe process.
  • Settings:
    • Mitigated a problem that affected the correct functioning of the Windows Settings panel.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Settings panel to crash when entering the “installed applications”, “startup applications” and “default applications” pages.
    • Mitigated an issue that caused the “Wheel” configuration page to crash when adding an action for some program.
    • There should no longer be a cracking sound when repeatedly clicking the volume slider in the quick settings while listening to music.
  • Windows:
    • When hovering the mouse over the title of a window in the Alt + Tab or Task View menus, we can now see its full name.
  • Entry:
    • Improved the color appearance of text and buttons when using applied themes in the candidate window, emoji panel and clipboard.
    • The voice typing launcher should no longer appear unexpectedly after clicking the microphone icon.
    • Some accessibility programs, like Magnifier and Narrator, should work much better now.

These errors, initially, have only been fixed in this build 22533. However, Microsoft reserves the right to bring some of the fixes to the stable version of the operating system through a cumulative update.

Errors pending to be solved

In addition to the bugs fixed, Microsoft has updated the list of known bugs, and pending fixes, in its operating system:

  • Beginning:
    • Some users find it impossible to write a query in the search menu from the beginning. Opening and closing the system “Run” window with the Win + R keyboard shortcut should temporarily fix the problem.
  • Taskbar:
    • The taskbar may flicker when switching between set input methods.
  • Seeker:
    • When clicking the search icon on the taskbar, the search panel may not open. If this happens, we can fix it by closing the explorer.exe process in Windows Explorer and reopening it.
  • Settings:
    • When viewing the list of Wi-Fi networks, the signal strength may not reflect the actual strength.
    • Settings can be locked when entering System> Display> HDR. We can activate this color mode with the keyboard shortcut WIN + ALT + B.
    • The “Bluetooth and devices” menu has a blank entry.
  • Widgets:
    • Changing the alignment of the taskbar can make the widget button disappear from the bar.
    • When we have multiple monitors, the widget panel doesn’t sync between them.
    • When the taskbar is aligned to the left, some data (such as temperature) is not displayed correctly.

How to download build 22533

As always, this new build 22533 is now available to Insider users (within the Dev branch) from Windows Update. To install it, we just have to look for new updates in this section of Windows, download it and wait for it to install itself on the PC. After several minutes, and several restarts, we will be able to have our PC up to date, with this new compilation installed, and with all the news that Microsoft has prepared for us.

Also, if we prefer, we will be able to download this new Insider compilation directly in ISO format from here. In this way we will be able to use the image to install this build from scratch and directly test all these developments without having to download and install the build by hand.

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