Windows 11 removed this feature, and after 20,000 requests, it’s finally back

Feedback is very important to Microsoft, or so the company would have us think. Windows allows us, through its feedback system, to speak directly with Microsoft so that we can share our opinions about the operating system and its applications, report possible problems, errors or anomalous behavior and request new functions and features. In addition, we can see the comments that other users have left, voting for those that we find most interesting to support and that Microsoft can bring these functions to its system.

The possibility of moving the taskbar is one of the functions most requested by users. There are more than 20,000 votes, it is a function that many users miss. It is true that there are unofficial ways of move taskbar windows 11 to any of the other three sides of the screen, but that is going to end up giving us problems.

Windows 11 taskbar

Now, after a long pointless wait, it finally seems that this possibility is going to become a reality. Of course, it still has to improve a lot before we see it.

You can now move the taskbar

If you have one of the development versions of Windows 11 installed, the Insider Dev version, the last update has secretly introduced the possibility of moving the taskbar to the top, or sides, of the screen. However, it is still too early to be able to claim victory and run to try this new function on our computers.

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Turns out you can position the fully XAML taskbar up top, the experience is not all that great though 😅

March 07, 2023 • 00:48

As we can see in the previous video where they show us this possibility, it is true that we can now move the taskbar to the top, and the operating system does not look bad at all. However, the rest of the elements that depend on it have not yet been updated and behave as if it were at the bottom. That is, if we open the search engine, or the start menu itself, we can see that these are not displayed correctly. The finder loads at the bottom of the screen, while the home is not centered as it should be.

However, despite these problems, normal as it is a development version of Windows, it is clear that Microsoft is making changes to the system that, sooner or later, will allow us to place the taskbar where we want.

When does it come to Windows 11

At the moment we will still have to wait a long time before this possibility, although hopefully we will see it in the summer, when Microsoft releases the next feature update, Moment 3for your operating system.

We also want to point out that the arrival of this feature on the Insider branch does not guarantee that the feature will finally arrive, since at any time, and without prior notice, it could disappear.

For our part, we recommend don’t install insider dev build of Windows 11, since it is an experimental version, full of changes and undebugged functions, which can give us more problems than joy. It is better to wait a few months, and continue with the taskbar at the bottom, before installing this version and exposing ourselves to all the bugs that it usually has.

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