Windows 11: Task Manager will soon take on colors

Via a new build of Windows 11 dedicated to Insider members, Microsoft announced something new for Task Manager. In this future version of the OS, the color of the Task Manager will adapt to that of your system preferences and in particular the accent color.

Credits: Microsoft

Since the launch of Windows 11 in October 2021, Microsoft has released numerous versions of the OS reserved for members of the Insider program. The opportunity for users to preview the changes made by the manufacturer on its latest operating system. However, during a livesteam broadcast this Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the Redmond firm announced the upcoming arrival of a new build of Windows 11.

This version will contain in particular an update of the Task Manager, which as a reminder has already been entitled to a more modern design and in phase with that of Windows 11. From now on, Task Manager will follow the accent color chosen by the user in the Process and Performance tabs.

The accent color is used to highlight important elements in the user interface and indicate the state of an interactive object or control. Accent color values ​​are automatically generated and optimized for contrast in light and dark mode, as Microsoft recalls.

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task manager windows 11
Credits: Microsoft

Task Manager will adapt to the accent color

Until then, Task Manager displayed this information with that characteristic mustard yellow color. This will therefore no longer be the case since in the future, the columns of the previously mentioned tabs will follow just the user-defined accent color in the Windows Display Settings application, which makes Task Manager more attractive and more stylish.

Separately, Microsoft has detailed other upcoming features for Task Manager, starting with a new optimization option to limit access to resources for user-specified applications. This feature was already accessible by digging a little in previous builds, but its operation left something to be desired.

However, note that Microsoft has not given a release date for these new Task Manager. In fact, it is difficult to know if all users will be able to benefit from it soon or if we will have to take our troubles patiently. Note that File Explorer has also recently received a welcome facelift, with a new start page and tabbed navigation.

Source : Windows Central

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