Windows 11: the new taskbar is available in beta, here’s how to activate it

The Windows 11 22H2 beta has just been enriched with an interesting new feature, since the taskbar is now more practical for those who open a lot of applications.

Credits: Microsoft

On the Windows 11 22H2 beta channel, users recently got to experience a new feature for the taskbar, designed to make it easier to find open applications when taskbar space is exhausted. This appeared on the Inside Preview channel a few days ago with build 25163, but new users now have access to it.

As a reminder, the new taskbar now includes a three-dot menu that will appear near the right edge of the apps list. once you run out of room. It will be enough to press on it, and it will ” will display all your overflowing apps in one space “.

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How to manually activate the new taskbar on Windows 11?

Insiders report that the new taskbar is available on build 22622.436, not build 22621.436, which is also available in beta. Unfortunately, this does not seem to appear by default for all, because Microsoft would have chosen only a very small group of users.

No worries though, it is always possible to activate it manually if it does not appear. For it, you will need to install and use Vivetoola tool that allows access to hidden features of Windows 10 and 11. Just follow the procedure below.

  • Go to the Vivetool GitHub repository, download the application and extract it.
  • Run Windows Terminal as administrator and go to the folder containing Vivetool using the CD command. For example, CD C:\Vive.
  • Type vivetool /enable /id:35620393 and press Enter.
  • Type vivetool /enable /id:35620394 and press Enter.
  • Restart your system to apply the changes.

To undo the changes, use the vivetool /disable command with the same IDs. If you typed everything correctly, a text informing you of the changes should appear in the command prompt. Once you’ve opened enough apps, you should now take advantage of the new taskbar “overflow” feature.

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