Windows 11: this modification of File Explorer will make the OS faster

Microsoft continues to make various changes to improve the user experience on Windows 11. According to our colleagues at the Windows Latest site, the manufacturer has made certain changes to File Explorer to make its latest OS faster. In addition, the company plans to integrate a new feature inspired by Windows Vista.

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As reported by our colleagues from the specialized site Windows Latest, Microsoft will make a significant change to File Explorer on Windows 11. Indeed and since 2019, File Explorer integrates your documents stored in the OneDrive cloud into its searches and in Office online services, in addition to files stored locally.

A great thing for those who frequently use these services from Microsoft. A benign addition, even annoying for others, since this feature had the unfortunate tendency of drastically slowing down File Explorer on Windows 10 and Windows 11. By extension, navigation on the OS can in turn be slowed down.

However, according to several users who are members of the Windows Insiders program, Microsoft intends to disable this integration in an upcoming version of Windows 11. Users may have discovered this new option in the Group Policy Editor tool. According to the details of Windows Latest, it will also be possible to prevent the Windows 11 Start menu find and view Office documents online.

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Microsoft wants to allow the creation of widgets by third-party companies

Another new thing to come according to the sources of Windows Latest, Microsoft intends to modify the widgets of Windows 11 by taking inspiration from Windows Vista. On one of the manufacturer’s most unpopular OS, users could already enjoy widgets (they were called Gadgets at the time) arranged in a column accessible from the desktop. One of the peculiarities of this feature is that third-party companies could develop and offer their own gadgets.

However, Vista is particularly unpopular with users, so companies haven’t waited very long to give up the idea of ​​creating gadgets. And justly, Microsoft would like to allow third-party widgets support again in a future version of Windows 11. It remains to hope that history does not repeat itself when we see that users do not have much to do with these widgets developed by companies other than Microsoft. As a reminder, the next big update of Windows 11 is not expected before the summer of 2022 if we are to believe the latest rumors.

Source: Windows Latest

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